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Hey gang,

The slide going into battery when inserting a mag is a function of the condition of the notch in the slide and the slide release lever. The slide release spring (31) is a very weak spring and can't do much to hold the lever in the upper open position.

The finger on the slide release lever that points toward the front-left corner of the magazine is the "empty" magazine detector. When the mag is empty, the floor of the magazine is high enough to push up on the lever's finger. When the last round fires and the slides travels backward, the lever is pushed up into the notch on the slide and the lever captures the slide in the open position. Having 1 round in the mag should be enough to keep the mag floor low enough that it doesn't push up on the finger and the slide cycles normally.

The extra mass of a full magazine should make the slide release more likely compared to an empty mag.

Hoping we don't get charged by the word...

1 - 1 of 22 Posts
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