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Slide Rails Nicks

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With in the past couple of months I've bought (3) Steyr's - M9 - M40LE w/ night sights - S40 w/ Hard Chrome Slide. I've read several reports in the Forum regarding FTE - FTF in all the Steyr pistols. Several messages mentioned they have found dents and nicks in the slide rail that strip rounds out of the magazine and after polishing the rails the malfuctions stopped. Only 1 of the Steyrs I've bought was used the others were new.

After shooting less that 200 rounds through the M9 & M40 (both new & unfired) I noticed the small dents and nicks on the right side of the slide rails that has been mentioned in the other post. After checking and measuring the locations on the right rail of the dings, I figured the problem was the rolled ejectors pin #9 on the right side of the frame in front of the sear #10 was sticking out to far and was hit by the rail when the slide was in the process of ejecting the spent round. There is a shiny spot on top of that roll pin as if it's contacted something.

My question to the other members of the forum is would it be best to polish the slide rails with the dings or remove some metal from the roll pin #9 on the right side of the frame. Some members mentioned after polishing the rail the problems stopped. It looks like the rails would still contact the roll pin #9 due to it still being in the path of the rails.

(Help) I'd hate to screw-up the Steyrs by polishing the wrong part. BTW Check out that pin on your guns and see if it's sticking out like the ones on all three of my guns. Any info would be helful.

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Thanks, interesting observation. Do your roll pins on the M9 and M40
appear to be seated properly? Or could they be punched further into
the carrier and then not contact the slide?

Slide Rail Dings

the Firsco,

No, the roll pin on the right side of the frame just appears to be to long, it's flush with the outside of the frame rail and protude into the path of the internal rails that strips a round out of the mag. If knocked back out of the way of the internal slide rail it would protude into the path of the frame and slide rail, which would cause additional problems and slow down the movement of the slide while ejecting and feeding another round in the chamber.

I think I'll just polish the the ding and trim a little off the rolled pin #9 and fire a couple hundred more rounds and see what happens then. I think those guys that polished the rails that were dinged must have polished enough off that it didn't contact that #9 pin and solved their problem. I'll soon find out and will post a range report. I've got my fingers cross that I don't screw up a nice firearm.

Thanks, I'll take a close look at mine, too.

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