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Slide DISS/Assembly Originally posted by:c5367

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In order to disassemble the slide, you have to start by taking the slide cover off. To do this, push the slide plate pin fully forward(towards the barrel

While holding it forward, slide the slide plate downward. This is a very similar to the way its done with a Glock. The pin in the Steyr does the job the firing pin sleeve does in a Glock. Likewise, ease the plate off because the pin you held in may shoot out. Keep your hand covering it to prevent losing the part. With the slide pplate cover off, the firing pin and slide plate pin will come out.

Next comes the extractor. insert a small flathead in between the extractor and the extractor, push the pin as for to the rear as it will go. The extractor will now wiggle out. I use one hand to hold the slide, the other to push the pin, and then I just shake the slide, and the extractor falls right out.

The LCI assembly requires a sight pusher to get out, because the rear sight holds the assembly in place. I'm currently working on that, and I'll post the pics once I get a chance. Its a bit of a PITA, so it'll take me a bit. If anyone wants to see a little more detail, or something is unclear, post away, and I'll do my best to help out.

Proper extractor pin alignment

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Wickid!!! (yes I know that’s not how it's spelled)

Thanks guys!! I'll be doin this soon and will hopefully solve my firing issue. I'll take pics just for the...heck (PG13 right?) of it and will post them on my flickr account. Hopefully I remember to mark them as safe so you don't have to log in to view them. :)

I guess I'll have to go buy a small brush first though for that channel.
If you go to the Steyr forums page, on the left hand side are several pdf's of disassembly and trigger modification by Big Taco. They are worth their weight in gold.
So good it makes the mechanically disinclined want to try it - well, almost. :eek:
Is there any chance someone will make a video tutorial on how to disassemble, clean, and reassemble the slide of the M-A1 pistols?
For those like me not mechanically inclined the photos aren't enough to inspire confidence.

I lacked confidence in detail stripping my Glock slide until I watched hickok45's home video on Glock Talk and the same day I
completed the job myself without having to watch it a second time. I'm sure Steyr owners who are familiar with all the
takedown procedures could whip up a video in no time. It would be a great help and might even keep some owners from
shipping parts back to Alabama for maintenance or repair.

Thanks, Big Taco!

I'll be detail stripping and cleaning the slide this weekend. Just what I was looking for.

I decided to detail strip the slide tonight. It was a breeze disassembling the slide and removing the internal components.

Getting the cap retaining pin and cap back on after everything was done took me almost an hour. Talk about frustrating!

But I did it, and thanks again, BT. It really isn't anything unfathomable; just that last reassembly step with the retaining pin and cap that's extremely difficult.
I think maybe a better tool than a small flat screwdriver is what I should have.
I think maybe a better tool than a small flat screwdriver is what I should have.
I use a jeweler's screwdriver. You could put a notch in the blade so that it would go slightly around the small part of the pin, but other than that the small screwdriver works well. It just takes practice, boy do I know! :wall:
These are great guides for those of us somewhat mechanically challenged - thanks very much for all who contributed!
QUESTION: Do these procedures apply for all Steyr models?
I have an older S-9 I will need to replace the striker-firing pin-rod assembly when I get it from Jeff Reece. Do I need to totally disassemble the slilde to do that, or can I just do part of the procedure? Sorry for the questions, but I've not done this before.
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