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slide and polymer cleaning?

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Couple other questions Gents,
As you all know the MA1-40 slide kinda has a green color to it which I really like. Real new at this and didnt know if any of the cleaners/oils will cause discoloration or anything. And any preferred polymer cleaner? Once again, thanks for all the advise. :)
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dish soap on the plastic.

rem oil on the slide, let it evaporate, then a dry cloth wipe down. i let the parkerizing do it's thing. i want the exterior to be dry so there's no slipping during usage.
dish soap on the plastic frame, with the subframe removed.

as far as water, don't worry about it. that's what the tennifer is all about. various sources of moisture from daily carry doesn't cause rust.

for a good thorough cleaning the whole sub-frame assembly gets hosed with blistering hot water. shake it, wipe it, re-lube and she's good to go.
1 - 2 of 10 Posts
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