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    Hello to all . Not too long ago I was very happy to find a used Steyr M1 in .357sig .Everything seemed fine with the exception of the of the key safety ,which by looking at pics here lately ,had been chewed up pretty badly.i still picked it up ,gave it a good cleaning before heading to the range.

    Well, I finaly got it out to the range, and put the first 50 round s down range not a hitch ,but shortly after that i had a failure to eject in fact the slide hadnt even moved it was locked tighter that a bank vault . It took about 2 minuets of fighting with the slide before it slid back.

    Thinking i had been luckly with the first 50 UMC round i switched over to Cor bons at this point i was only fireing one out of 3 rounds due to light strikes to the primer and often no sign the primer had been struck at all ,and to top this off the slide lock up again with an unfired round which resulted in another long struggle to clear the round.

    My question is really is has anyone else here expericened these problems and fixed them ,or is this a situation that i'll need to talk to Steyr to have fixed.

    Thank in advance for any help.
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    my range recently switched to umc ammo. (must use their ammo) and to my complete and utter surprise, the m9 has been eating it up.

    that being said, most people report bad experiences with umc.

    the light primer hits are very likely caused by over-lubing the firing pin channel. i clean it using any solvent, then wipe it completely dry using q-tips. then i run a lubed q-tip down the channel and wipe out all the excess using a dry q-tip.

    same treatment for the firing pin. wipe it on, wipe it all off.

    as far as your hard lock-ups, the only time it's happened to me was when i inserted a spent round to simulate a double-feed. (malfunction drill for a class)

    couldn't get the slide back no matter what. an hour later, and after removing the extractor, i got it apart.

    not sure why you'd have this happen on an un-fired round.

    considering that it's a used gun and SAI has a very lax warranty policy, it might be best to send it in. 357 is pretty expensive to shoot and it might have been subjected to questionable reloads.

    i know it's no fun when a gun isn't functioning, but SAI is great and will get you running clean so you can enjoy your little steyr .357 rocket launcher.

    let us know how it turns out.

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    Want to Sell it????

    :wink: :wink: :wink:

    Keep us informed.....

    :D :D
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    Welcome to the most exclusive club within a club, the M357 bunch at SteyrClub. Is yours the M357-A1 or the original M357? Just curious. Either original M series or the new MA1 series, 357 Sigs in either one is rare as apparently Steyr either just didn't make very many or all the owners are like me, couldn't pry it away from us with a 50-foot crowbar.

    If you'll call the importer SAI, I'm sure they can fix whatever problem you have. Don't worry about not being the original owner. They don't care about that. They just fix Steyr pistols, new, used, M, MA1, S, SA1, don't matter.

    Steyr Service Center:

    Steyr Arms, INC.
    5977 Steeplechase Blvd.
    Cumming, Ga. 30040
    Phone number 770-888-4201

    Jeff Reece <-- the man ta talk to in the service center

    And as you've already seen from Babs' offer, if you decide to sell it, that will not be a problem at all 'round here. :mrgreen:
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    First off ,Thanks to everyone for the quick responses. Following everyone suggestion. I'll try calling the service center this coming week,but I will have some delay in sending the Steyr in due to some travel plans,but should be clear to follow through.

    Netfotoj, thanks also for the welcome ,most appreated. Also to answer your question. This is an original M series that I ran in to. I could hardly belive my eyes when i was it on display,so it ended up following me home. :D

    Anyway, I will look in to getting the Steyr fixed first,and if it ends up a bit more then my budget can handle at the moment I'll look at selling it.
    Either way I'll keep everyone informed . Thanks again to all for the help .