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Discussion in 'Anything Else' started by Alabama, Jul 28, 2005.

  1. Alabama

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    Ranger, You mean to tell me you really 'enjoy' shooting your SKS? PM me with the magic formula you used to make that trigger break sometime within a week of pulling it.... :wink:
    Seriously, I'm considering a little work on one and would love some input...
  2. RangerM9

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    SKS trigger

    OK, the trigger could use some work, it si not fantastic, but that gun is still fun to shoot, just enough kick to feel it, not enough to hurt. you should check out

    Go over there and ask around for a guy nammed Kivaari, or just do a google search for him. Sounds like he does good trigger work on SKSs.

    My trigger is not too bad....creep yes, but once you know where the break point is, its good.

    so cheap to shoot, accurate....and for $99, damn...can you beat the price on a cheap accurate shooter?

    I want another one! me an 59/66....i want a 59 or a Chinese SKS now.

  3. Guest

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    I like the SKS, as well as the 7.62x39 round. While my VEPR K has spoiled me (the accuracy rivals an AR-15 and the two-stage trigger is superior to any AR I've shot), the SKS is just tons of fun.
  4. Alabama

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    Sorry 'bout that 'jacking... I love the price, I love the ammo (7.62 EVERYWHERE), and I love the extras, but I'm still super confused about the law (Can you replace your stock? Will the Assault Rifle Police impound it?), and though I'm willing and interested in trying, I'm a little leary of doing the trigger work myself (For the price of the trigger job from a gunsmith you'd almost have a new rifle!)
    On the other hand, there're a lot of products out there that seem interesting, like the recoil buffer pad, folding stocks, etc.
    Still unconvinced. Guess I'll check the SKS board...
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    I have an SKS-M (factory conversion to take AK mags) and have never felt the trigger was that bad. The pull isn't any longer than My HK (not clone) rifle. I've never owned a regular SKS but my older brother has a Russian one that actually has a better trigger than mine (though a prior owner may have worked on his). In my case I'm the first owner of my SKS-M and I've done very little to change the function of my rifle. I'm still a better shot with it than any of my others simply because cheaper ammo = more shooting.
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    I'll admit, I've been pretty curious about these, since the price seems right (of both gun and ammo), and they look like fun... concievable deer rifle, too...

    Where do you get one for $100, though?

    For that matter, where's the best place to get one?

    Ditto on the abundant stock replacement options, too. What do you folks use, and how do you like 'em? Any issues with fit?

    I don't own a long gun yet, just a couple handguns (Steyr M40 and a Browning .22), and this seems like a good way to get into 'em.

  7. Matches

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    When I was in school back in Missouri I knew a few people who used SKS's for deer hunting. Inexpenseive gun and ammo, perfect for college students.