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Size: Steyr vs Glock vs Beretta…

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Can anyone post a picture of M-A1 next to any of these guns; Glock 19, 17, Beretta Px4, Taurus 24/7, SA XD 4”

Px4, G19 and XD-4 are illegal here in Canada (under 105mm barrel) so never seen any of them person :?
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Hawk - which of those two pistols do you prefer? Any noticeable difference in reliability since new or accuracy?

How much snappier is the .40 cal Steyr than the 9mm PX4?

Is one easier to field strip than the other?

I've heard great things about both pistols, would like your overall opinion.

Thanks! LH
I prefer the Steyr over the Beretta...I'm more accurate with the Steyr and it's more comfortable in my hands. I need to practice more with the PX4...
The .40 is noticably snappier...but both guns are what I'd consider to be some of the softest shooting .40's and 9mm's I've shot. Both have negligable muzzle flip and the recoil is easy to control. As for field stripping...the PX4 is not necessarily easier...but it is faster...

Both have been completely reliable...and both have good accuracy...can't go wrong with either one.
Thanks for the feedback Hawk, glad you're enjoying your Steyr! :)
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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