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Sigma 40 Mag Springs

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Howdy All :)

I am trying to find some Smith&Wesson Sigma 40 Magazine springs. MEC-GAR, USA doesn't manufacture mags for the Sigma Series. My email to Wolff Springs got me the following email response,

..."At the present time we do not have Sigma magazine springs for retail sale."

John Andrews
Wolff Gunsprings
[email protected]

I'm not exactly sure what to make of that response, so I've emailed John Andrews back asking him to please expand upon his response. Hmmm, 0 for 2. :( So the search goes on. I'm hoping to solicit some assisstance from the forum members for this magazine parts aquisition. Plz PM me ASAP with any contacts in the industry or ideas of where next to turn. Thanx for your attention in this matter.


Sorry to have posted so ambiguosly to the forum. The Sigma springs are directly related to a magazine conversion option of Sigma 40 magazines for use in the Steyr M and S Series 40 S&W and 357 SIG's. Sorry for any inconvenience or misinformation for the post. In future, I'll try to be more concise. Thanx.

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Those prices seem to be fine for replacing the Sigma springs.......S&W would probably be similar......good enough considering they don't need changing too often. I'd rather pay a little more for quality parts.....I'm thinking of getting the Sigma 9 back from my friend and doing the "cut" for the Steyr myself....since I don't have a Sigma anymore, I can experiment and if I scew loss........I think after seeing Wulf cut his, I'll try cutting down the cutting wheel to half the size so the notch will be smaller, or I'll drill and get a small file.
Just finished my first Sigma 40 retro-fit......field testing tomorrow, 15 rounds fit nicely with very snug lock up, better then the original mag.
It's not "dropping" out though, it will have to be pulled when empty.... I'll do the finish work tomorrow and do the second one.........good work Wulf :lol:
Good work.......Wulf. got the Sigma mags, cut the holes and it works great in the Steyr 40....more testing this weekend.....
Tried it out today and got rained out after only 45rounds. Of that 0 FTF or FTE'S.......Slide locks back nicely......I'll try to shot a couple hundred rounds tomorrow to test it further..............Locked up on mag release on empty on one mag, but that is probably due to my cut that needs a bit of filing..........14rounds started out well. The 15th round made the slide very difficult to rack on first round......Some break in period would probably fix that.......
OK......shot lots of 40's with the S&W mag and I can't recommend it for self-D
yet...It functioned pretty good with 2 FTF's that were "nose dives". Pulling the slide back just slightly allowed the bullet to reengage the ramp correctly and feed.

More problematic is the lock-up of the mag release......Maybe Wulf can get some range time in and see what he thinks....It only happens after firing a mag load and not just loading a mag (empty or full) into and out of the gun. I can't depress the mag release button. I still think its my cut and needs just a touch of filing.......but it could be the mag spring tangling with the latch on the opposite side of the pistol grip. The new cut exposes the mag spring at that site.

I haven't looked at it closely and unfortunately unlike metal guns I can't just take off the grips and check the lock up system.....

Self defense still remains Steyr mags......
Going tomorrow to continue the testing of Sigma 40cal mag conversion. So far the testing is very good and out of several hundred rounds only two FTF and two FFE's. Several hundred rounds more tomorrow. I'll also be converting a Sigma 40 cal mag for Steyr far I've got 17 rounds fit into Sigma mag without the proper adjustment of the top...and a 9mm follower.....more to come on that one.....but the 40cal conversion seems to be working out really nicely......its fun to pump in 15 rounds of 40 x 4 in a short time in a small target..........especially after a long week :lol:
I actually found an original Sigma at the gun shop in excellent shape. I was considering buying it cause it was priced so low, 350. asking price without bartering, I could probably get it for 325......then I thougt why?? I have three Steyrs for 300.00....... :roll:

I would be bending the feed lips and putting the 9mm follower in the mag for the tryout.......I actually shot some 9mm by mistake, I took the mag with my worked but I would be FFT's due to the angle the 9 round slipped into due to the wider lips........
OK......back from a good morning at the range....the Steyr M40 was awesome
....and the Sigma mags worked very well. I had one FTF which turned out to be a "nose dive" and when I reracked, the bullet popped up and in easily. These are the only FTF's I've had and they are few and far between.

I shot three 15round mags as fast as i could pull the trigger and reload (with good point shooting accuracy, i might add :wink: ) and had no problems. I pulled out my long slide Glock 9mm with the KKM comp barrell and blasted a big hole in the target, but ya know I had to go back to my Steyr :lol:

All in all I'm loving the Steyrs and after 600 rounds I feel really comfortable with the thought of leaving the house with three loaded S&W Sigma mags with Self-D ammo, that's 45rounds + one of 40cal 8)
I wonder if that is why the occasional nose-dive occurs....I think you mentioned that some time back :idea:
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