Sights are a love hate relationship

Discussion in 'M, C, L and S Series' started by ChillyWilly, Sep 15, 2007.

  1. ChillyWilly

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    Freaking Steyr....I love the concept but I swear the more I mess with them the more their shortcoming become a glaring defect that I have to resolve....even it means getting rid of them....

    So what is it that is bugging me so much...there is way too much damn play in the sights. It looks like about 3 mm's of play between the font and the sides of the rear which means when sighting I can swing the gun from side to side pretty easy...I don't like that

    Then there is also the fact that the sights POI seems to be on the other side of the sight instead of on the peak which would allow me to focus on the sights and use my secondary vision (I mean that blurred vision that you can see but is not the focus) to select the target....the way it is it feels like guessing which forces me to focus on the sights with my secondary vision, making retargeting that much slower....

    Anyone feel the same way? And what was your solution? And if changing sights, which ones did you go with? Or do you prefer to focus on the target and use your secondary vision on the sights? Am I thinking this all wrong....I mean I am following the suggestions (focus on the sights) of one of those ISPA (is that right) shooter champs....

    SELFDEFENSE Premium Member

    I love the sights, but my front sight is not loose.
    I painted the LCI on my M9 white, and with the large white base of the front sight, the 2 white slanted lines of the rear sights, and the big white dot on the LCI, I can target on the alignment of those indicators (with the primary focus on the frony sight) quickly without glasses which is impossible with any other stock setup I have used.

  3. yugo308guy

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    It's the difference between combat sights and target sights. You'll often hear people talk about 6 o'clock sighting, which sounds like what you prefer, and is generally used for more precise target shooting. Combat sighting is generally when your front sight covers your POI for a more "quick and dirty" shot. I was in the US Army Infantry, and that was the way we were taught to use the sights of our M16's. One method which was taught was to line up your sights just to the left or right of your target, then slide them over onto your target, then take the shot. HTH.
  4. ChillyWilly

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    Its not actually loose there is just too much wiggle room....I don't like that...I want the front sight to almost completely fill up the space in the rear...

    Ahhhhh....okay make sense....and last night I was reading about combat sighting....apparently I am supposed to turn into a retard anyways so the whole sight thing becomes moot...I am still going to keep looking though, hopefully I can find something....maybe like a rear sight that will close the gap

    Still open to suggestions though...
  5. ThaiBoxer

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    My suggestion is to shoot and sight while dry firing more, your post sounds like you are new to handguns. I like the sight fine for close combat work and I can hit just fine with it in slow fire at 25 yards, but I tended to get 6:00 low hits at distance when shooting under timed IDPA conditions. This came from dropping the point of the front sight below the rear sight's top when I was really focused on that front point. After a few doses that cost me points, I switched out to PT's dots, which I have on all my carry guns anyway.

    But I'm still riding the PT customer service merry-go-round over that.

  6. Syntax360

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    The others have summed it up nicely - Steyr sights are definitely designed more towards minute-of-zombie than precision shooting. The idea is you can put rounds on a target roughly the size of a man's chest faster than standard 3 dots allow, but nothing is free - your precision shooting will take more effort. Personally, I got sick of the "cost" of the traps and swapped them out for a set of PT blue/green/blue and haven't looked back. I now do a LOT better when target shooting, and I still hold my own just fine for fast and dirty work. If you have given the traps a fair try and they didn't work for you, there is no shame in it - get a set of PT's and report back. 8)