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The SIG P229 was the first gun to be made exclusively in New Hampshire rather than Germany. US vs German made SIGs are a controversial subject in the SIG community but I don't care where the gun was made as long as it performs as I expect it to; and this gun does.

I currently have about 600 rounds this gun and below are a few of the pros and cons that I've found.

-Reliable. This gun has never had a malfunction of any kind with any ammo I've fed it
-Accurate. The gun is easy to shoot well; especially in SA mode
-Ergonomic. The gun, with E2 grips, just feels great in the hand
-The Nitron finish on the slide is holding up well to holster wear
-Rail for attaching lights/accessories
-Aftermarket parts/holsters/support are widely available
-Standard DA trigger is smooth with little to no stacking
-SA trigger breaks crisply
-2x 15 round Mec-gar mags came with this gun

-Cost. SIGs are generally overpriced relative to their competitors in my opinion
-Finish on the barrel is wearing more than I would expect for a gun of this quality
-The SA trigger has a good bit of take-up from the reset point (SRT greatly helps this however)

The video below shows some shooting from the 12m line, rapid fire from the 10m line with a shot timer to demonstrate the controllability of the pistol, a tabletop review and size comparison with the G19, and chronograph testing with Winchester Rangers, Gold Dots, and Federal HSTs:


Chronograph numbers:
-Winchester Ranger 115gr JHPs: 1136fps, 329 ft/lbs energy
-Speer Gold Dot 124gr JHPs: 1189fps; 389 ft/lbs energy
-Federal HST 124gr +p JHPs: 1170fps; 377 ft/lbs energy


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Yes. Big Sig fan as well. My gripe with them has been implemented cost cutting measures but price went way way up ? , Seems it should be the other way around. Or leave the higher quality craftsmanship. Just my 2cts
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