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SIG 556

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The instant I saw the new SIG 556 I knew I had to have it, I'm considering buying it without having actualy held or fired one. This is an obvious emotional, impluse thing to do but the look just sold me. I was hoping to hear any feedback on the SIG and SIG rifles in general. I much prefer the feedback on this forum over the boring and stale reviews everywhere else so any info or experiences are most appreciated. ... ductid=114
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There's a writeup over at SigForum by a member who got to handle one at Shot Show. The review was pretty critical and I suggest you check it out before making the impulse buy. I'm not sure what they are going to go for, but have you seen the Barrett M468? Seems like an incredible rifle - I would shop around before picking up a 556.

For the record, I am a HUGE Sig fan, but I'm a bigger fan of my $$$.
It is a Sig and it is based on the 550 which is a hell of a weapon, so it should be a good rifle. But like the man said I like my money more. I do wish they would have kept the regular 550 stock and forearm though.
I will likely purchase one after my extended fondling session of the samples that were at SHOT Show.
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