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Okay, here's what I have so far. Please throw stuff at my kits and we'll see what sticks. Or maybe suggest something be removed or replaced. The aim here is mobile self-sufficiency. Guns and ammo are a given.

Level 1- Small Pack

1. First Aid Kit
2. Hydration Gel
3. Bottled water
4. Emergency rations
5. Fire-starter
6. Emergency Blanket
7. Lightweight Tarp
8. Pistol and extra mags
9. Sewing Kit
10. Duct-tape
11. 100 ft para-cord
12. Leather-man tool
13. OC Spray
14. Rain Poncho
15. Toilet Paper
16. Lighter
17. Dry tinder
18. Small Flashlight
19. Purification Tablets
20. Survival Knife

Level 2- Large Pack

1. Survival Manual
2. Quilt
3. Mess kit
4. Rugged tarp
5. 100 ft strong rope
6. Maps
7. Shovel
8. Machete
9. Binoculars
10. Water filter
11. Bleach and eye dropper
12. Toothbrush and paste
13. Soap and washcloth
14. 2-way radio
15. Emergency radio
16. Dust masks
17. Net hammock
18. Fishing Tackle
19. Compass
20. 3” Magnifying glass
21. Leather gloves
22. Super Glue
23. Pen and notebook
24. Snare wire
25. Wire ties
26. Plant Identification Book

Level 3- Wagon (Pull cart, Flatbed, Bicycle Trailer)

1. Wagon/ flatbed/ bike trailer
2. Extra food
3. Extra Ammo
4. 5 Gallon container(2)
5. Assorted Plastic Bags
6. Basic Carpentry tools
7. Basic Metal working tools
8. Basic Auto tools
9. Small Raft

Level 1


Lightweight Tarp
Emergency Blanket
Rain Poncho


Hydration Gel
Bottled water
Purification Tablets


Dry tinder


Emergency rations

Medical/ Hygene

First Aid Kit
Toilet Paper


OC Spray
Pistol and extra mags (Kel-Tec P-11)

Tools/ Misc.

Survival Knife
Leather-man tool
Sewing Kit
100 ft para-cord
Small Flashlight-Batteries

Level 2


Rugged tarp
Net hammock


Water filter
Bleach and eye dropper


3” Magnifying glass
Survival Manuals


Mess kit
Fishing Tackle
Snare wire
Plant Identification Book

Medical/ Hygene

Toothbrush and paste
Soap and washcloth


Kel-Tec SU-16
Steyr M9

Tools/ Misc.

100 ft strong rope
2-way radio
Emergency radio
Dust masks
Super Glue
Pen and notebook
Wire ties

Leather gloves

Yes. The "Bug Out Bag". Nice list.

I have always been convinced that if I could take one gun for survival only. It would be my scoped Ruger 10/22. I am skillfull enough with that rifle that I could take any game. I would be able to pack a ton of ammo. Plus if I was stealthy enough, I could use it to get other weapons if the situation was battle oriented.

aren't there commercial tablets that make almost any water safe to drink?

if so might go w/ the level 1 kit, I see level two has filter and bleach.

also not relevant to OK but for those of us near an ocean what about the desalination tabs pilots carry for drinking ocean water.

Don't know what's in the med kit, and that is a whole issue in and of itself, but something as simple as tylenol is often overloked.

One-A-Day type multivitamins! I try to take mine everyday and I eat pretty good working w/ food all day (just not always balanced).

Replace the bottled water with hydration gell. Takes up less space and saves weight.

Oh and lose the TP. You can find newspaper anywhere. :lol:

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HighVelocity said:
Replace the bottled water with hydration gell. Takes up less space and saves weight.

Oh and lose the TP. You can find newspaper anywhere. :lol:
Good idea. I'm going to add that, but keep the water and reduce it since there are other uses for it besides drinking.

List updated with the gel and a few other things I've thought of. Sponge, how could I forget sponge.

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