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Should there be increased training requirements for a CCW

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Hi all,

I started this thread because I made a post in a different section referring to a debate I had about this subject on THR (The High Road) forums. Below is the post with a link to the THR thread and associated and disclaimer. :lol:

Feel free to comment , even if you disagree with me ... really! :lol: :p

Ok, I have not gone back to re-read my post so I want to apologize if I come across as "condescending". I really try not to be but sometimes it sounds like it. However, I promptly PM'd folks to make sure that they knew that this was not my intent.

OK, qualifications aside ... below is the thread. I am linking directly to the page where I start the debate (scroll down towards the bottom) as the thread was originally about something else (weird topic). Thread was hi-jacked so I took the blame and apologized. Enough already, here goes ... ... ge=5&pp=25
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Call me crazy but I think every discussion about licensing shows how society is moving away from personal responsibility and trying to put it in the hands of the govt. I belive there can and should be an economic incentive to being trained, either in the operation of a car or the carrying of a weapon. As an example if insurance co's offered a discount for drivers who went through training we should see people go through training. Same goes for life insurance. If someone is trained on how to defend themself their premium should be reduced to reflect the decreased risk of having to pay a widow. Granted the premium reduction would have to be enough to justify the expense of being trained.
1 - 1 of 19 Posts
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