should i upgrade to the m9a1

Discussion in 'M, C, L and S Series' started by billy870m9, Feb 20, 2007.

  1. billy870m9

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    new to the forums, i have had my m9 for about 2 years now and i love it, cept for the shells in the face once and a while, and i was wondering if i should buy the new steyr 9mm or just be content with what i have.....are there any advantages besides the light rail i should know about......and for the price i can get the new ones, its bout 150 less than what i paid for mine......just looking for some input, thanks guys
  2. BulletBait

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    I wouldn't.
    My M9 did the same thing as your's.
    I just added the 1911 plunger spring trick and ground the tip off the LCI.
    The case in the head problem was reduced to about 1 in 100 shots.

    You could also return it to SAI and have them put in the new extractor.

  3. sewerman

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    hell for $362.00 freight included it's well worth it to have both, i do.
    M9A1 on sale
    i picked up my M9A1 a week ago last friday. saturday i was at the range.
    ran about 100 thru her without a hitch. shot again during the week about 50rds again ok. last saturday another 100. monday another 100 or so. this time i noticed a consistent grouping high to the left. though i'm not concerned until i get it fully broken in. it's probaby me and the sights. need to adjust to the triangle thang! ejection has been excellent but the older M-9 was great too!
  4. steyrile

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    If you've got the money to spare go for it.
    For the time being I'm content with my old M9 but have thought long and hard about adding an A1 since the price is so attractive at CDNN. Even considered the 40 or maybe one of each for awhile but I really don't need the light rail and I'm not so sure I even prefer the looks of the new gun over the old version.
    My plan has evolved such that I will eventually find an old S model at an attractive price or wait till the dust settles and seek out a new S-A1 when they are available again.
    I got all the looks and little money... :D
    Health, Peace
  5. Buzz

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    Well, if you go to an M9A1 you lose the trigger safety, and as you've already pointed out you gain the rail. Beyond that if you add an M9A1 I'd certainly keep the M9. I own both and find them to be different enough to "justify" owning both.