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Shot my M9....finally!

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The long wait is over....I finally got to the range with my M9. I put about 200 rounds through her (180 WWB FMJ and 20 Federal EFMJ) -- not one hiccup!

I think I still have to get used to the trapezoidal sights. I tended to shoot high and left when I aimed. I did find that if I shot rapidly -- just waiting long enough to get a sight picture -- that I hit the bullseye. Hmmm...I'll have to practice.

Pictures of some of the targets are posted on my web site, here:

All in all, I liked the gun. It's not my best shooter (yet) but it felt very good. My neighbor tried it and he's in love. He's buying one as soon as his tax refund gets here! I need to practice with those sights some more...that will be fun!

I feel better now that I'm "officially" a Steyr owner. Now I just need to get back to the range...

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Good for you.
Welcome to the club!
It's about time! :wink:

You'll get the sight picture soon enough. It's quite an accurate gun once you learn to aim it properly.

And just in case you cannot get used to the tri/traps, you can always buy night sights in the traditional notch/post config.

Be smooth pulling the trigger, and the accuracy will come for sure.

Glad you finally got out there!


Swapped my handall around the way you have yours (which would seem to be the correct way) and it fits loose spots at all. Glad i asked you about it.

looks like you get to the range more than I based on your targets.

Glad the grip worked...I definitely like the comfort factor on mine.

I don't get to the range NEARLY as much as I want to. Sometimes I wish I lived out in the middle of no where so I could shoot whenever I wanted to!

Maybe someday when I retire.....

Once I got used to the sights I was really suprised at how accurate the Steyr pistols are. I would love to put one in a Ransom rest and see how well it shoots at 50 yards.
I took the M9 back to the range today (along with my wife) to put some more rounds through her. We were really there so my wife could try her new Ruger P93, but I did manage to get 60 rounds through the M9. Of course, it performed flawlessly.

I'm starting to get the hang of the trapezoidal shots. My wife tried it and she liked them, too. I'm finding that, for me, I need to put my target on the point of the triangle...not covered by it like some people do. When I cover the target, I shoot high. Putting it on the point seems to bring it right into place.

I posted a couple of the targets on my web site,

I'm planning on taking my son (and the M9!) back to the range tomorrow. I'm sure things will only get better!!

The true aim of any sight system does depend on the shooter.

If you shoot better with the target on the point of the triangle, that probably means you're aligning the front sight & rear sight slightly differently than some of us.

I find that by adjusting the sight picture, I too can get my targets on "point" instead of covered by the triangle. I'm still trying to figure out what exactly works best for me (especially in quick-acquisition drills), and I've got 2000+ rounds through the M9, and a few hundred through the S9.

That's not a BAD thing! Whatever works for you is what's best!
hihoslva said:
If you shoot better with the target on the point of the triangle, that probably means you're aligning the front sight & rear sight slightly differently than some of us.
I'm admittedly still getting use to the sight picture...although I think I'm getting to a "standard" (for me) picture the more I shoot. I'm trying to find the sight alignment that I can achieve the fastest -- then I'll adjust my POA to match.

I guess it's like grip and stance...whatever works for you is the right one. As long as I can get the rounds on target - and quickly - I don't get overly concerned about whether I'm doing it "right". I always listen to the advice/experience of others and I'm willing to try new things, but if they cause me to shoot worse, I'll go back to my old ways!
I took my son ( and my M9!) back to the range today. I was selfish -- I used most of the magazines I had loaded for myself! But it's results are getting better with every outing. I'm really impressed by the shortened time to reacquire a sight picture between shots. I can see why IDPASteyr is so successful -- the trapezoidal sights are quick!

My shot placement is getting better. I'm still adjusting to get my POA/POI set, but it's pretty close now. Here's my last target - 20 rounds at 10 yds. I fired the next shot as soon as I regained the sight picture -- so they are all aimed, no "double taps"

(By the way, I like these targets...they're kind of fun. Each square is 2" -- gives you some options for shooting multiple magazines without having to recover/repair your targets).

I started out liking the Steyr because it was different...and cheap. I'm growing to love it more every time I shoot it because it's accurate, reliable and extremely comfortable!

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How does the M9 stack up next to your Walther P99? And how about the G17?

CGuns :)

Nice target!
CGuns said:
How does the M9 stack up next to your Walther P99? And how about the G17?
As far as accuracy, the M9 is getting right up there with both of them. I still feel more accurate with the Walther...although my targets aren't always bearing that out.

Comfort-wise, I think the edge still goes to the Walther. I like the M9...and maybe it will grow more comfortable as I shoot it more. It's just not quite as good a fit (for me) as the Walther.

Frankly, the Glock doesn't excite me much. I shoot it reasonably well, but it doesn't give me the same "thrill" that the Walther or the Steyr do. My son likes it a lot...which is why I'll hold onto it.

I shot all 4 (including the Ruger P93) side-by-side yesterday on the same target. There's a pic on my target page, here:

It's down at the bottom of the page. They're all good guns and they each have their own strengths. The Walther in fit and comfort (with good accuracy), the Steyr in speed (with good accuracy and comfort). I'd be happy to grab any one of them in a crisis.

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