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Shooting while pregenant???

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Is this a no-no or not??
5 out of 6 home preggy tests agree :lol: Still got to get the doctor's test though.

we have a competition handgun class this month at an indoor range. Then she was going to start idpa w/ me once a month on an outdoor range? ... opic&t=634

do we just go, or go and wear gloves/mask or cancell?

I found one thread on gt women's issues but no definite answers were given.

if the wife does keep shooting we're definitely switching to winclean ammo for her, should i go w/the completely non lead "green" ammo?

GAWD this is wierd, mind not really wrapping around it, kinda like the idea of one-day turning 30 8O
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One more reason not to shoot while pregnant...

This thread is two years old, but my partner is a midwife and I wanted to add another reason not to shot while pregnant.

Yes, lead is a concern, but even more directly, the noise of gun fire close to the mother and in turn, the fetus, could potentially pose a risk to an unborn child. Remember, the fetus is in a bag of water, and water amplifies sound. Sound travels four times faster and is significantly more intense in water compared to air. Everyone wears hearing protection while shooting because, obviously, a gunshot is above the human hearing pain threshold. Now, a baby doesn't have hearing protection, merely thin layers of skin, membrane, muscle and clothing and a lot of sound amplifying water between its ears and a gunshot. Think depth charge. So, definitely no shooting while pregnant.
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