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Shooting to left

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Took my new M9 and S9 out for breakin this weekend. Haven't shot a semi-auto since Navy days '73-'76, when we used 1911-A. Hey, that's only a 29 year lay-off! :lol: OK, here's the problem: With both pistols, all my shots were left of center to center, out of about 300 rounds I didn't cut paper to the right at all, from 15 and 25 feet. Some high, some low, some center, but all on left side of centerline. Obviously a pattern emerges! I looked at one of those correction targets, and tried increasing the amount of trigger finger all the way to the knuckle crease, but no change. I am planning to take a class, but until then, any suggestions would be appreciated. Also, has anyone tried flourescent paint for the sights -any old blind guys like me out there?
By the way, that S9 is about the sweetest non-breathing thing I have ever laid hands on! :D
Thanks for any feedback-
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