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Discussion in 'Tactics and Training' started by alagator, May 9, 2005.

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    Took my new M9 and S9 out for breakin this weekend. Haven't shot a semi-auto since Navy days '73-'76, when we used 1911-A. Hey, that's only a 29 year lay-off! :lol: OK, here's the problem: With both pistols, all my shots were left of center to center, out of about 300 rounds I didn't cut paper to the right at all, from 15 and 25 feet. Some high, some low, some center, but all on left side of centerline. Obviously a pattern emerges! I looked at one of those correction targets, and tried increasing the amount of trigger finger all the way to the knuckle crease, but no change. I am planning to take a class, but until then, any suggestions would be appreciated. Also, has anyone tried flourescent paint for the sights -any old blind guys like me out there?
    By the way, that S9 is about the sweetest non-breathing thing I have ever laid hands on! :D
    Thanks for any feedback-
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    I also shoot left, mainly low left, and I'm convinced it's a recoil anticipation problem. Second shots, successive shots, no problem. If it happens more on the first shot for you you might find it so yourself. This problem I'm told, also happens because of 'slapping' the trigger (pulling off too far after the shot breaks and slappin on the next shot). Both have to do, I believe with an overly excited strong hand gripping too hard or pulling too hard. Check your knuckles when you grip. If they're white it's too tight.

    Then again, I'll bet you already know this :wink: , so just practice some more and I bet you're back in form in no time...

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    I was doing that...........a stronger, left-hand grip moved everything to center.