Shooting In My Neighborhood

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by ministerofdeath, Jun 21, 2005.

  1. Well it happened again!

    Early last October a fight took place within the large apartment complex I live in between two men who were visiting some stripper's apartment. One of the men pulled a pistol on the other, a struggle took place, and the pistol ended up discharging a round into one man's hand. The two men were arrested and the apartment complex evicted the stripper.

    Well it happened again just last week. This time two men returned to an apartment complex where they had earlier attended a party to rob a man of a large quantity of drugs he was harboring. The two men entered in the apartment, struck the resident with their pistol, and a struggle took place. According to the newspaper the robber with the pistol fired it twice during the struggle. The newspaper reported that one round was found logged in the apartment wall, but didn't say where the other round had struck. The two robbers were found and arrested by the police and the apartment resident is facing possible possession with intent to distribute charges. Hopefully, the apartment complex will evict that man as well.

    I couldn't believe that these incidents took place where I live as it is a mostly college apartment complex and is pretty expensive. We are in a very nice area of our town, but I have been noticing lately some suspicious drug like activity. Even overheard from almost 20 feet away a guy screaming on his cell phone that some guy only had a few ounces and wanted too much for them as he exited one of the apartment buildings. In addition, I'm concerned about a bullet going through the rather poorly constructed dry wall of these apartments and striking my girlfriend. We're moving in just one month out to a rural area where hopefully there won't be anything near this serious.

    Needless to say until then my Steyr M-40 pistol is sitting every night locked and loaded on my night stand and my door contact alarms are set. Plus, I've got my M forgery (Stag/Bushmaster) build ready to rock n' roll under the bed. Not that I would go looking for trouble, but there have already been incidents in this town where criminal suspects fleeing the police have broken into apartments seeking refuge.

    Just thought you guys would find that interesting.
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    WOW. :eek:

    Glad to hear you are OK and nothing serious happened to innocent people in their appartments.

    Watch your back! Hopefully your new digs are better suited to normal life.


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    Apartments are lousy

    Keep on keeping your head low and your eyes and ears open, MOD. Sorry to hear you're in the middle of a neighborhood that seems to be going to the dogs.
    Curiously, Since I spotted 'ounces,' 'college,' and 'party,' Is it mainly college students around you?
    If so it means mainly pot and psychedelics, not drugs that generally inspire large-scale shootouts, drive-bys or robberies.
    Then again, the word stripper might as well be a rough translation for cocaine. Bad news.
    Good news is the Police already know about your complex. Best course of action is to make sure they know about it before the problems occur, IMO. If you're like me you hate calling the Heat in on some folks just trying to blow off some steam after finals, but the fear of a bullet through a wall isn't unjustified. Will the next A-hole with a pistol bring something with more penetrating power? Call the cops when the party gets out of hand, that is, when you or your GF hear it and know it's going on. The more cops around, the less likely BG will decide it's a great place to rob later on in the night. Same goes for drug houses where irate boyos emerge from. Even if it's only an anonymous noise complaint, the word about the cops showing up goes through a party like wildfire, and cops will continue to maintain close watch for the rest of the night.
    Is there security? One guy with a flashlight can stop a whole mess of trouble if he spots a BG creeping. If there isn't, it might be a good time to mention that to your complex manager.
    And for your last month it might not hurt to do a little extreme makeover in your own apartment: Bureaus, chests-of-drawers, entertainment centers go up against the outside walls; Beds, couches and laz-e boys find themselves in the center of the rooms. Find the tornado spot and make sure GF knows how to find cover when shots are fired and be glad to know you're getting the hell outa there. Beyond bricks and steel I'm all outa ideas, thoguh I'm solidly in the opinion that your best defense is your mind and your telephone...
    Prayers are with you, brother...
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    Damn MOD - I hope your move comes quickly and goes smoothly.

    Alabama has nailed the excellent suggestions of trying to create "bullet traps" at likely areas of stray bullet penetration and also having a plan for SHTF. I agree it is best to be situationally aware and don't hesitate to call the law at the outset of disturbances, you don't owe anyone anything when it comes to your safety.

    It's good to be prepared, because bone-head criminals have been known to get an address wrong.

    One more thing is to choose your ammo carefully. Heaven forbid you should ever be forced to shoot with your handgun or carbine, but if you do it may be catastrophic if you have overpenetration. Light and fast may be the way to go, and 12-gauge (other than slugs and 00-buck) is devastating on non-armored flesh but stops nicely in common building materials.

    Good luck and stay safe.

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    dang, i would be worried too MOD. DEFINITELY talk to your complex about increasing security (even send a petition around your complex maybe), and count the days untill you can get out.

    Brick, stucco, and/or cynder block houses rock. I do not miss apartment living at all.
  6. I have taken steps in reinforcing the wall that connects my apartment to our neighbors with some large dressers as I figure between the dry wall, wood studs, wooden dresser and clothing inside it bullets should stop. However, I can't reinforce the whole wall so I'll just hope luck will be on our side a little.

    As for overpenetration I am aware that my carbine would be serious overkill with the 5.56mm FMJ rounds, but I have Speer Gold Dot .155 gram JHP .40 S&W rounds in my Steyr M-40 mags right now. I do need to get a 12 gauge shotgun however, but just haven't had the money or time to get the ones that I'm interested in (I'm picky).

    I have seen that some members on this website have SAIGA 12 gauge shotguns and am thinking of looking into those. Anyways, thanks for you support, ideas and prayers.

    Safe Shooting