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    well i was wondering how many m9 steyrs were made and what kind of problems during the production were found out and then fixed......mine is in the high 6000s and i have the brass in the face every once and a while...wondering if later models were fixed or what other problems people have.......
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    not sure where exactly but under 10,000 they had a trigger upgrade from initial 8 lbs to 5.5lbs. upgraded trigger has pin in middle instead of bottom quarter of the trigger. some guns needed ejection port lowered.

    extractor upgrades have been happening apparently new extractor just came out and is due in country soon.

    no idea how many total made of any model. think serial numbers are up to 30,000-50,000

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    Mine M9-A1 is 550XX and it has/had brass to the face problem; after 700+ rounds it's noticably better than it was before.