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Sell me!

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Hello, Ive been lurking around here for awhile trying to learn as much as possible about the M9 and the M9A1. I want a new gun to shoot in IDPA in SSP or ESP. I carry a gun at work but prefer my Sig P220ST 45 for that purpose.
The one thing I'm a stickler on is reliability,in work or play firearms. Even when shooting for fun in matches I can't tolerate a gun that costs me because I have problems with its reliability,one FTE or FTF means thinking about what if till the next match.
I've narrrowed my choices down to the Glock 34 and the Steyr M9A1.
I know that people use forums to ask for help with problems more than to just sing about the virtues of there chosen gun.
Help me sort out the good and the bad of the M9A1 pistol. I read ALOT of posts talking about feeding and ejection problems even now on the new M9A1 .No other forum has more M9 or M9A1 owners out there, help convince me that the Steyr will run with the Glock. I want to buy the Steyr but need some reasurance that I won't regret it.
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I ran the Steyr M9 for four years against Glocks and had no problem beating them regularly. Put over 100,000 rounds through two of them with no more problems that any other gun I shot against.
Make sure's he's good and broken in and make sure your mag springs are alright. Mine has been 100% since going over the 500rnd barrier and replacing my jacked up mags.
There have been very few problems with the M9A1 that haven't been traced back to poor quality ammunition (Wolf, Reloads,Ect.) or bad mags. The firearm itself will function as reliable as any Glock or any semi-automatic pistol for that matter. You do however need to clean and properly lubricate the Steyr more than the Glock as it has been made to tighter tolerances than the Glock. However, the trade off is that when she is cleaned and lubricated she will out perform a Glock.

Good Luck, and try shooting a Steyr M9A1 if you can before buying a Glock because the Steyr sells itself.
Thanks for all the input. Last friday was the first time I saw a Steyr. I shoot at three differant IDPA clubs and nobody shoots a Steyr.
Friday I was at a gun range, and low and behold there was a Steyr M9A1 in the case($550.00 I see On Point has them for $385.00)). I asked the lady behind the counter if I could look at it. She reluctently crawled to the display case and took it out. I was very happy that I was finally able to handle one, and try the trigger. I Racked the slide,checked the chamber and let the lide forward. I then aimed the pistol at the wall and pulled the trigger. The sales lady went nuts about me ruining the gun by dry fireing it. I askeed if ANY guns could be dry fired to check the trigger action and she said NO!. I told her it would be very hard to buy a gun without trying the trigger.
I may never be able to shoot one before buying, I'm glad I at least got to hold one and sqeeze off one trigger pull.
I have no problem with my M40 A1 and G34. Go for it.
I hear you loud and clear Armored! LOL :D

I've got a Ma and Pop gun shop near my home that is the same way about pulling the trigger or even releasing the slide without traveling it home with your hand. Plus, they want around $550.00 for the MA140 so I'm guessing that is the retail price that Steyr gives out to sell the gun for, but the market price is much, much lower with Onpoint and Macedov (good guy to buy from on this forum) selling around the $400.00 range. Even with FFl transfer fees you're still saving a ton.

I'm lucky that there is a very, very cool gun shop though just out of town from me that has an indoor range, gun rentals (on used guns), and lets you pretty much do what you want within reason before buying a pistol. They rent the used pistols for like $25.00 and if you like it you get $25.00 toward the purchase. Oh yeah, and they have an indoor range that is pretty sweet, gun lay away (which I love), and some great people. So, I avoid the other gun shop like the avian flu. :D
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