Seeking optic opinions here....

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    OK folks, I've got a Pro Hunter in 300WM that I'm putting glass on. I plan on using this as my Elk rifle. I do a fair amount of walking with it. When covering distances, I'll carry it in my Eberlestock backpack so I don't have to sling it. I'll be shooting out to 600 and maybe 700 yards. I'm down to these two choices;

    Vortex PST Gen II 3-10 x 44 FFP 14.3" long and 28.1oz


    Vortex PST Gen II 5-25 x 50 FFP 16" long and 31.2oz

    I really like the idea of a shorter optic and smaller objective lens and a little less weight.

    Opinions? (and no, I'm going with one of these two optics, not NF, SWFA, Burris, etc...)

    Thanks !