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Seecamps are highly sought after, low production, fairly reasonable factory cost, but high street price because of demand. Made to fire only one, specific cartridge (I forget which one—I believe Silvertips). Considered to be fairly reliable, but at the street price a very pricey solution for the problem. A friend has two of them and offered to sell one to me. I looked into the NAA .32, and bought it instead of the Seecamp.

I paid about the same for the NAA as he was willing to sell the Seecamp for, and got a high quality gun that is close to a clone of the Seecamp, but much more accepting of differing ammo. It has fired without problems everything I have fed it, and I have fed it plenty of variety. The only problem I see is that it occasionally will stovepipe the last round in the magazine, but since I have to change magazines anyway, it is easy to cycle the slide to dump the shell.

The NAA/Seecamp-sized handgun is a perfect pocket-pistol, absolutely disappears in a back pocket. But you pay for the diminutive size with only rudimentary sights and recoil that, if you fire more than a couple of magazines through it at a time, is like getting your hand slammed in a car door.

I am always in public and dropping the NAA in my back pocket gives me a way to have a gun handy without being concerned about printing. But it is a belly gun; it is for up close and personal. If I am away from the office or public duties, and clothing allows, I will usually carry something with a little more punch.

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