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Not to be argumentative, but I would have to disagree with the naysayers on Seecamps. I have an older .25 (no longer made)....a .32 carried occasionally and practiced with more... to avoid beating the crap out of my hand with the 380. I've personally used everything from hardball to Gold dot to reloads to S&B to WWB to STX to (Silvertip old and new style) and probably more in both the 32 and 380. We're not talkin' more than 400 rds. total....but that's a lot for guns meant to be carried a lot and shot a little. In all of that, I've had less than 5 failures of all kinds combined. Three of those were on the reloaded 380's (5 or 6 years old) where the primer was fully struck but did not fire.
The .32 is fairly available at around $350-400. The 380 is another story....a year wait and $750 is a steal. You can also order special serial numbers for a bit extra. Factory support is off the charts GREAT......I know that personally regarding the .25.
Just to touch on the wimpy 32......that's what the Nazi SS carried and used quite effectively. And that famous quote....."I'll shoot his eye out....." from James Bond with his Walther PPK .32.
Like the Doc said.....they're both belly guns for self defense.....and I would choose something different if size were not a factor.....but sometimes you need something very small for whatever reason.
To my mind, the Seecamps are the best of the "Mouseguns"....that's why my wife and 2 daughters carry them when it's necessary to leave the Steyrs at home.
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