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Security on a Budget!

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Alot of us don't have the dough to shell out for an ADT, Brinks, etc. security system and service so I thought I'd start a thread where we could share what kind of cheap security devices we use and work well for us.

I've invested in some door/window contact alarms and have found that they are very loud (90 db), but have draw backs in that they are kept in place with sticky tape that can contract when it gets really cold and fall off. Had one door contact alarm fall off at 3am once and had a chance to see what a home intrusion would be like as the alarm was screaming. The other draw back to them is that its impossible to leave the house and set them without having them scream super loud until you get the door closed. Oh yeah, and if you have them set while you're gone and somebody trips them off you better hope it scares them off, because there is no signal to you or the police sent.

Anyways, I know there are alot of cheap security cameras at wally world and other things like motion detectors and alarms that can be purchased for little money so please share what ya know and maybe learn something new as well.
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I welded rebar bars together, bloted them to the inside of the garage window frames and wlded the lag scre heads. Nothing gets in there without taking out the whole window frame.
Drilled a hole in the garage door runner and installled a stud in a tie down to keep the door from opening from the outside.
Once he gets in the house I'll turn the wife loose on him. He doesn't stand a chance.
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