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Security on a Budget!

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Alot of us don't have the dough to shell out for an ADT, Brinks, etc. security system and service so I thought I'd start a thread where we could share what kind of cheap security devices we use and work well for us.

I've invested in some door/window contact alarms and have found that they are very loud (90 db), but have draw backs in that they are kept in place with sticky tape that can contract when it gets really cold and fall off. Had one door contact alarm fall off at 3am once and had a chance to see what a home intrusion would be like as the alarm was screaming. The other draw back to them is that its impossible to leave the house and set them without having them scream super loud until you get the door closed. Oh yeah, and if you have them set while you're gone and somebody trips them off you better hope it scares them off, because there is no signal to you or the police sent.

Anyways, I know there are alot of cheap security cameras at wally world and other things like motion detectors and alarms that can be purchased for little money so please share what ya know and maybe learn something new as well.
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Home protection on the cheap?

here is goes.

First off,
if you live in a house and have the freedom to own a large dog, I would suggest that. I would also suggest sending out for training as a home protection dog. regular house dogs don't provide much solice. Most criminals aren't worried by them.

Purchase a light timer for when you are out of town or out for the evening. They are quite cheap and many can be had for less than $100.00 that connect to you home computer where you can function up to 12 lights all with separte time scheduals. I like to have the kitchen, living room, bathroom, one of my hallways and the front porch lights all working with a random setup that turns them on and off randomly throughout the evening, having the porch light come on at least for 3 mins every 35 mins.

I would use a set of ADT or equivilent signs posted in plain view of all the sides of the house.

Motion detection lights outside. I have some in the front and back yards. If you have execively dark side yards you can mount them here too, but make sure to mount them high enough where a potential burgler can't get to them. And don't leave ladders or other equipment outside that will aid the entry of your house.

I Put a closed circuit TV camera in over all the exterior doors of my house and have them taping to a DVR. I also have these over the main windows on the first floor.

I put cheap window contacts on the bedroom doors and the main windows of the house. I used a hard contact epoxy to set them to the window frames and I do it in a place where they aren't going to be noticed.

I have thorny bushes around my house that are right up agains the house. Don't leave space where someone can get between them and the house. I also have razor wire in the bushes near the base (about 8" and up to about 15" off the ground) where if someone does try to sneak in through the windows they will be not only pricked by the thorny bushes but also cut severely by the razor wire.

These are just some of the things I have done and some that I can think of to help others.
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Additional thoughts.

make sure you have quality dead bolts on all your exterior doors and that all the windows on the property are locked whenever you leave your house.

When you are home alone you can buy the large door stopper that are placed on the back of the door under the door handle/knob and prevent someone from forcing the door open.

Cut the release cords in any overhead garage. make sure you have flashlights with quality batteries in all the bedrooms and the people in those rooms knows how to use them and where they are.

I think that people should make it a part of their nightly routine to check all the windows and make sure they are locked, check all the doors and make sure they are locked and do a walk though of the house and garage. I even walk the perimeter of the house to make sure the motion detection lights are working and none of the bulbs have blown.
Built a personal server that uses roughly 35-40w to run. Extremely energy efficient. Have a rough guild on how I built it on my site. Its running a windows server OS, which will make it easy to integrate any security feeds. The motherboard doesn't support any expansion cards, but there are boards out there that do.

Nice thing about the setup is that it allows for remote access, so you check up on the stuff say at work or while on vacation.
the downside to remote access is that while it allows you to check on it from a remote location, it also allows others to access it with even less effort :)
I grant you that but the access to remote access is done with heavy encryption, and the access point is tricky to find if you don't know about it or publish it. So far my server hasn't been hacked, but I also don't give access to many people to the server.

Not to mention that it self updates and installs the latest security fixes.

I tend to shut off the remote access from time to time, and block all incoming ip's outside of the US.
You can also use a hardware firewall that uses random port assignment. This will all but ensure that people won't hack you. It isn't impossible, just not worth the time and effort.

All of my servers run through one of these along with encryption software with 128 bit encryption. With that I deny IP addresses that aren't on my list of approved IP's. I wrote the software to govern the Hardware firewall so that it only assigns a port to the IP's that are on a pre-approved list.
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