Sear problems?

Discussion in 'M, C, L and S Series' started by Guest, Nov 18, 2005.

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    Hello all,

    New member that is still deciding between the CDNN Steyr M9 for 299.00 or the Walther 990 for 339.00 .

    The only bad thing I've heard of the Steyr is a post on Glocktalk about sear failure. The post mentioned that the loaded Steyr could fire at any time if the sear failed and that it was unusual that a gun would be manufactured without mutiple redundancies to prevent this.

    Not having any experience except with my issue Beretta M9 in the Army, I was hopping someone might comment on this. Is it all hooey from a Glock lover/Steyer hater?

    Thanks in advance!

    Former 95B2P (MP SGT, Airborne)
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    The trigger on the Walther will have you reconsidering IMO. It is not their Quick Action trigger just the DAO only which has been awful. I love my M9 and have not had any problems and they are going quickly.

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    I believe who was talking all the smack was a troll named cornbread. He would rave on and on about possible AD and full-auto with no real evidence. He eventually got kicked off the board, but he's has done the same thing on other boards.

    For some real interesting debates on the whole Steyr sear design go to, but get ready to spend a few days reading.
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    Spent about an hour reading the posts by macman and cornbread2, as wellas the replies by many others and decided to go a head and purchase the gun.
    Just go off the phone with Keith at CDNN and ordered the M9 with 1 14rnd mag and 4 10 round mags. Should be in hands by Wednesday.

    Once I get it I'll disasemble, clean and lubricate the pistol and the mags just to be safe.

    I'll ost a review at that time. Thanks for your input -

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    i've too read about the sear of the M9 to fail and cause... firing full auto! As I may have other issues with my M9... it is mechanical and subject to failure!

    BUT... I dont see the point where the sear would break up or failing! I've been waiting and hoping to experience that but sorry to say I actually havent seen or heard any report from a direct owner who actually experiecen that!

    I also have some engineering experience BTW... I maybe asking so many questions myself... but I have my own reasons on that.... I need to hear opinions...

    Sorry but I am a pessimist but I really have to experience any failure of my M9! Im longing to experience one! BUT I THINK I WILL FAIL!

    The M9 is just a great pistol. I wont trade it for any Glock...

    I dont hate Glock.... in fact I am going to have one soon.... [I'll have one at the price I am willing to pay for it! $200 for a Glock 32! Not bad, right? Specially if prices here for that piece is $600!] got my Steyr at about $700! And wont invest that same amount for a Glock IMHO. :wink:

    I was suppose to be firing this Saturday using softleaded ammo but couldnt wait! I gave my M9 100 rounds... NO FTE, FTF, no failure... I've open up the Steyr prior to that day and I though I could have done something wrong with it... so I was anxious to see how its going to perform.

    IT JUST PERFORMED PERFECTLY after stripping it down beyond what is recommended! Whew!

    Wont clean it this time... the barrel is now full of lead just like after 5 rounds! Will report about it next week!

    So stay tuned! :wink: