This guy recently tried to scam me for the AUG Foregrip I advertised as wanting. He emailed my personal email address as someone else, and directed me to the same email address listed below....George Toth at [email protected]...he sent me a pic of the foregrip he supposedly had, and the pic was "off" and strange so I never responded.....lets all keep an eye out for this a55hat! The guy below as scammed out of money for a GB muzzle device he never received on this forum......

SCAM ALERT.....I got a reply from George Toth at [email protected] on a Steyr GB 9 muzzle cap i needed.
Made a deal, arranged funds transfer via Zelle, completed transfer, the guy never shipped the part.
Sent me the attached email that he SCAMMED ME for the money
Be aware....this guy is SCAMMING folks for Steyr Parts he does not have.

Hi Rick,

Let me save you the stress of sending me more mail, I got you scammed. I slid the muzzle cap a long time ago and needed some cash so I’m sorry I ripped you off. Thank you and merry Christmas to you