sbs tactical 308 lite sniper rifle

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    Hi, I just purchased a sbs tactical 308 lite sniper rifle with a leupold 4.5 x 14 x 40mm scope. I payed $1100. The gun is in perfect condition. Is this a good price and what kind groups do these gun shoot. I know it's after the fact but would like to know. I saw a prohunter in a 30-06 with a 165 grain s. gameking shoot a 3/8" group at 100 yards.
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    Well, if you saw one in 30-06 shooting hunting ammo and pulling groups that tightly, you should expect yours to do at least that. Read into precision shooting a little bit, its a whole science/art, one that Im just getting into myself. Aubie may be able to give you more specific info, I know he's been shooting the long shots a lot longer.
    Good luck, and welcome to the boards!

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    I don't know what sbs is........Leupold scope, 308, sub one inch with a yawn......... :lol:
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    I own a Steyr SBS tactical with a McMillan A3 stock...I paid $1,00 for mine without a scope, so you did really well with a Leupold scope on it. It should come with at least 2 mags...mine came with 3 mags. The SBS is a sub MOA shooter...Steyr rifles just aren't commanding a high price because of all the custom Remington's out there, but I sure like my SBS rifle. Steyr's normally command $1,500+, so you may want to hold onto it...just in case a Steyr collector is looking for one. I know my SBS is pretty rare because it came with an OD A3 stock. I spoke to Jack from Steyr USA and he didn't know how many were in the country, but he guestimated around 500 from the factory.

    Try Black Hills 168gr or 175gr match ammo. I like this factory match ammo more than the Federal Gold Medal Match. If you reload try SMK 168/175 or Hornady Amax bullets.