SBS/Scout bolt lift

Discussion in 'Other Rifles' started by alagator, Mar 6, 2006.

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    If you have an older SBS or Steyr Scout that has a stiff bolt lift, there is some good information at He shows some things you can do to smooth it up, and he has some of the newer easier bolt cams that are used in later editions of these rifles. If you are mechanically inept (like me) he will do the work for you at a reasonable rate. I had him do the bolts on my two prohunters, and the difference was incredible. I can lift the bolt on my 270 with one finger now :D
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    Thanks, alagator,

    Good source of tips!


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    Well I took your advice and shipped off 4 bolts with the old style cam. He did an excellent job and it made my Scout feel like it should have from the factory. I can't wait to shoot it. It will be eassirt to do fast work with it. My SBS tactical will be much eassier to operate from prone. The bolt would not move smoth and always moved the bipod. Now it just opens up. I highly recomend the upgrade. John is a pleasure to do business with. J.Michael