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I just bought an SBS 96 Prohunter in .243 from a gun show today. I'm trying to remove the bolt, but it didn't come with a manual.

I found this little quote for an old Steyr Sbs Prohunter Mossy Oak GUNS magazine article on the internet:

"To remove the bolt, lift the handle and then put the safety on. Now simply pull the bolt out. As an added safety feature, when the bolt is re-inserted and closed, the SBS automatically goes to double lock."

Well, I lifted the bolt, put the rifle on safe, but the bolt definately will not come out. Is there someone out there with a similar model that can explain to me how to remove the bolt?

Thanks a lot.

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Does the bolt slide out easy for you?

This is what I just did:

1. The action is closed and the gun is on fire (red dot showing).

2. I lift the bolt all the way up.

3. I engage the safety (white dot showing).

4. I try to pull out the bolt, but it will not budge no matter how hard I try.

Does this sound right?

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On my SBS Tactical rifle...I have red, white, and a gray button.

You want to have the little gray piece showing...the bolt will come right out...I have a McMillan A3 stock and I must lower my cheek piece in order for the bolt to slide out.

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I finally got the bolt off. Rather than putting the rifle on safe with the bolt up, I had to keep pulling the safety until the gray tab pops out. Then I could release the bolt. So the instruction in that article weren't quite accurate.

Thanks a lot for your help. I appreciate it:)
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