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Discussion in 'The Pub' started by Guest, Apr 15, 2006.

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    Went to the outdoor range today and saw an older gent with a 1911A1 inserting rounds into the chamber and closing the slide on it and firing. I'm sure that this is a bad thing to do but, he did that quite a lot during his session.

    Anyway I met one of the most annoying people I've ever had the displeasure to see today. Once she arrived she made her presence known and once the line was hot she would shoot and talk and carry-on. She was loud and she was annoying. It broke my wifes concentration so bad that I could see her hands shaking as she was sighting on the target. Later she told me that the aforementioned lady was just getting under her skin with her carrying on and all.

    I don't know about you but, I'm used to hearing only the sound of guns blazing when the line is hot. Not some one praising herself and letting her kids and everyone else know that she was punching out the X ring. I'll give her that. She was punching that X ring out using a bent over barricade style supported stance. Looked like she was waiting for a...... Well I guess you understand.

    Anyone else ever have a similar experience?
  2. Yeah,

    Maybe I'm old fashion or even a little sexiest, but I just don't really care for women at a range anyways...I know, I know...women can shoot as well as a men (to some extent). Just remember a day, not to long ago, when it was a pretty rare thing to see a female at the range. I guess that is the price we pay for giving them the vote (haha) we have to convert some to gun fans to keep the 2nd Amendment.

    I can see how a loud mouth though of any sex could ruin a day at the range. To me shooting is a MAJOR stress relief and if I couldn't shoot in peace I would have said something to the range officer at the joint double quick.

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    A little sexist?

    Well, I personally like to see women at the range. I'm not one for sausage parties, But i guess thats in your preference.

    I run into annoying people of both genders at the range all the time. The problem is, most of them are members of my gun club. (Our range is in the basement)
    My thinking goes something like this...... I'm an American, and as an American I know that it is your right as an American to behave in any manner you wish. If I do not LIKE or if I can't TOLLERATE YOUR behavior, I will leave . If your being a dumb ass and jeapordizing MY safety, YOU gotta go. Everyone needs a little more tollerance nowadays, and people are getting dumber.

    My 1/2 a cent anyways..... :roll:
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    Yes, it is true that the person being annoying has rights and yes I do have the right to leave when a situation arises. The only thing that sucked for me was that I drove almost a full hour to have a good time with the family at the range. The wife and I were testing out our new pistols and I ended up putting half a box through my new pistol and I blazed through the rounds when I shot the M40A1. Both of them are still at their break-in stage. My wife was shooting her new Keltec P3AT and her Taurus Model 85ti .38spl. She too blazed through her rounds so that we could just get out of there.

    With regards to women shooters..... Bring em on. My wife is serious about her training and wants to learn all that can be offered with regards to Safety, Marksmanship and CCW. It's not a sport for her. She knows that it's a matter of life or death and she hates it when someone breaks her concentration during her training sessions.

    By the way, the M40A1 just gets better the more I shoot it. No problems whatsoever with 200 rounds through it so far.
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    Think of the loudmouth as an obstacle you have to over come. In a self defense situation you may have to over come something similar.

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    i have to agree with matches, think of it as a necessary control on concentration. if you can't concentrate with the distraction, then what will you do when shtf? i like to listen to music that just annoies me.
  7. Hey MoonDog...better watch the comments there bud.

    Find yourself banned from this forum for insulting people really quick.
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    LOL, come on bro, you opened that door yourself. With the comments you made I'm surprised that's the only reaction you got. I interpreted MoonDog's reply to be equally in jest as your comment about women voting.

    The vast majority of people at the ranges I visit go about their shooting in a quiet respectful manner. I try to concentrate through loud talking as much as possible, but we've all seen the one or two people who make a concerted effort to piss off every shooter around them. There are subtle (and not-so-subtle) ways of inducing people to take their banter elsewhere, but the easiest is to inform the rangemaster if things are getting out of hand. For the most part, they want shooters to be happy at the range and will quickly deal with annoyances if you politely bring it to their attention.
  9. I never called anyone a homosexual or directed any personal insult toward any individual member of this forum. There are ways to disagree without using personal insults.
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    She must have been really loud since I have trouble hearing someone talking to me when I have my plugs and muffs on and the volume turned down. Maybe it's time for new hearing protection.
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    let's keep this about annoying people at the range ONLY! ... 489&page=3
    is a good thread on women shooters.

    I know I can always just tune loudmouths out.

    It's people doing unsafe things that gets me, especially tourists w/ no gun eperience (mostly UK'ers here).
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    Talking doesn't bother me as much as that one guy that always wants to come up and handle all of my guns! If I take my whole assortment of pistols to the range I have a pretty nice collection and there is alway one guy that wants to come over and start dryfiring racking the slide, and just be a PITA. I now leave all of my guns cased and then pull them out one by one when I want to shoot that particular pistol.
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    Ruger, I'd be that guy :lol:

    You have some kick ass irons, and it'd be nice to see 'em close up. 8-O
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    Im sorry you took this as an insult. I was actually just trying to be funny, and make my point at the same time. And the point was: i LIKE seeing women at the range and elsewhere, and I dont necessarily like hanging out with MEN ONLY.

    I appologize. I did not intend to insult you, and my reply was not written to insult you.

    As for the range witch..... I agree with matches. Very good point.

    Yeah Rafdog.... I can really see now why you'd be annoyed with the drive and all.....
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    Years ago I used to shoot at an indoor public range in the city. My friends and I were into small caliber accuracy (.22/.38) shooting at the time. Every couple of weeks this large,loud mouthed gentleman would come in w/new girlfriend so he could show off his prowess with his 'Dirty Harry"gun. After his second visit I made sure to bring my 'Lil Frien' with me in case he showed up. Low and behold one day he arrives and his show begins. I was training a new shooter at the time and the lesson was going well when the wannabe shows up and starts the boom show. I set up in the booth next to him and fired my 18" Mossberg 12ga every time he fired his revolver. After four rounds apiece he packed his bags and left. My student and I had a nice quiet,uneventful class from there on out.
    I now shoot in a members only facility and have learned to work well and play with others. :wink:
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    I love to see ladies at the range. I just had the pleasure of coaching a long time friend in putting the 1st box of ammo thru her new .38 revolver. As a range coach and instructor there is no greater joy than seeing a lady's face light up when she shoots well and sees how much fun she is having.
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    if they were on the wrong side of the river we'd
    all drown trying to cross ! :wink:

    like to see'um at the range.

    they're good shots to ! 8-O