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    I was poking around the Net and stumbled across a site called

    It's built, written and maintained by Marc H. Richardson, a NRA-certified firearms instructor in the big town of Shapleigh, Maine, with a current population of 2,326.

    He won't win any awards for webpage design, but he's sure got a ton of content and what I looked at is quite interesting and knowledgeable. His pages are long and wordy, but if you've got time to read, it's good stuff. I guess those guys that far north have a lot of time on their hands in the winter. (Is Maine's weather anything like Minnesota? A friend from Minnesota told me they have 10 1/2 months of winter and six weeks of bad sledding.)

  2. His statement about how if the Second Amendment was defended as well as the First Amendment by the media every 16 year old would be required to daily carry a firearm, shows that he has a working knowledge of the Militia Act that was used in the DC Circuit Court of Appeals ruling recently on the subject of DC firearm restrictions.

    The Court defined the Militia within the context of the Second Amendment by examining the common useage of the word at the time of the creation of the Second Amendment. While seeking to define it they looked through the Militia Acts at the time that required every white male who owned property (this would be now every race and non-property owner because of the Fourteenth Amendment) between the ages of 16-45 to maintain their own firearm.

    So, that line right there at the top of his home page tells me that he has 1) read the opinion; and 2) understand the Second Amendment.


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