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  1. bigtaco

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    This is a place to post about your experience with SAI's customer service.

    They're quickly building a reputation as being the best in the business.

    By posting in this sticky, new owners and potential owners can get a feel for what to expect should their Steyr need service.
  2. ThaiBoxer

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    I've had excellent experiences. Once I lost the takedown plunger spring and they sent me a replacement, gratis. Another time I needed to ask a few questions and spoke with Jeff and the other fellow (Bob I think?). They both knew what they were talking about and were helpful. A+. Similar to my experiences with Kahr.


  3. Cortland

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    I recently ordered a factory threaded barrel for my M9 and they had it to me in eight short months! I understand the delay was caused by a change of ownership of the parent company in Austria and as a result I had to wait for a new set of import and export permits to be approved for both Steyr in Austria and SAI in the US before SAI could get the barrel imported. In any case they were prompt and courteous in all of their communications.
  4. N24RE

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    I have dealt with Jeff on two separate occasions.

    1) My M9-A1 had developed a bit of play in the trigger and it turned out to be a bent lever. Jeff fixed it under warranty and shipped it back to me all in the same week.

    2) My M40 had about a billion rounds through her finally the e-clip that puts tension on the loaded chamber indicator flew off. I sent it to Jeff and he all but rebuilt the entire gun. He replaced every suspect part and piece in the gun. I basically now have a brand new M40.

    As long as SAI is in charge of Steyr's service I will only buy guns from them. I love the gun, and the service is a huge part of the package.

    Kudos to Jeff and his team!!!

    Steve Jones
  5. Syntax360

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    My mag springs fubared within 3 months of having my M9A1 - Steyr had two brand new mags to my door in a week and a half and I haven't had trouble since.

    I also blew up a perfectly good barrel by letting my friend do something very stupid involving a cup of water... SAI had a fresh one back in my hands in a week, no questions asked. You just plain can't beat that.

    They're customer service folks are an absolute joy to talk to and they all reply to their e-mails post haste. They just plain can't be beat. 8)
  6. posterboy7

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    Ok, you just have to tell us the cup-of-water-blown-up-barrel story!

    Just got my M40-A1 back from SAI (really, just 10 minutes ago).

    It arrived at SAI last Tuesday and is back exactly one week later. Now I have to try it out at the range.
  7. kirkcdl

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    Since this is a sticky,how about posting a link in the OP for those of us that are lazy???
  8. dwillia29

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    I've been meaning to add my $0.2 for a while now...

    Both of my old-school S9's have visited SAI for an extractor upgrade. Each time, the pistol was back in my hands in < 1 week, and each has been 100% reliable since.

    The folks at SAI are, ime, the most courteous, professional, and responsive outfit in the firearms industry today. Just outstanding. Arguing otherwise would be tantamount to asserting that the world is flat as far as I'm concerned.

    I'll even go as far as to say that I can't recall ANY company -- firearm related or not -- that can hold a candle to them.

    Keep up the good work.
  9. remat457

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    My S40 had the tendency to eject hot brass into the shooter.
    Sent it out for repair and had it back in my hands in about a week.
  10. jmlpa

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    I have finally received my 9mm , before it came I emailed customer service asking some questions. They called my house and spoke with my wife and then sent me the info. They asked her if there was anything else they could answer before send out the info. I really appreciated the personalized service.
  11. squirrelpotpie

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    Decided to disassemble and clean my extractor while waiting for Big Taco's Stainless Guide Rod to arrive,

    and in the process of reassembly the extractor spring and the extractor pin managed to shoot off across the room.
    Was able to find the spring but the pin (part #40) eluded me in the debris of a remodeled bedroom.
    Sent an email to the folks at Steyr asking if they could send a replacement pin, (and fully expecting to pay for my carelessness). Was pleased and surprised to get a package from them in the mail about a week later including not only a replacement pin but also a replacement extractor and spring. (had indicated in my email that my motivation for extractor disassembly and cleaning after 500+ rounds was my first ever wwb fte)

    So, the folks at SAI are great representatives for Steyr here in the USA and I highly recommend them if you have a problem.


    The close up shows the slightly longer "claw" of the new extractor. (old on top, new below)
  12. speed

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    My new M357-A1 had an 8 lb trigger pull. Pretty hard to hit soda cans @25 yds with that much tension. Called Jack at SAI. Even after I had polished all related parts & shaved the pull to 7 lbs, I was invited to send back the trigger group for parts refitting to achieve the stated 5-5.5 lb pull. There was absolutely no argument about voiding the warranty with my own "gun smithing".
    BTW: I've probably made ten or so calls to SAI & spoken to Jack most of those times before I even bought this pistol. Every time, I was greeted like a friend and not the nitpicker that I tend to be.
    Because of SAI ( Jack in particular ), and the support from Steyrclub members, I decided to wait more than a year while searching for my pistol.

    Many thanks to y'all!
  13. alex

    alex Guest

    Would someone please post contact information for SAI. I think I might have a problem with my M40-A1
    Thank you
  14. heavymetalmachine

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    There is a sticky here

    ***NEW STEYR CONTACT INFO*** Reply with quote
    Steyr Service Center:

    Steyr Arms, INC.
    5977 Steeplechase Blvd.
    Cumming, Ga. 30040
    Phone number 770-888-4201


    Office info:

    Steyr Arms, INC.
    P.O.Box 2609
    Cumming, GA 30028
    Email: [email protected]

    Steyr-Mannlicher Austria Contact Info:

    Oliver Bauer
    Sales Manager
    Ramingtal 46
    A-4442 Kleinraming
    Austria / Europe
    Phone: +43 7252 896 274
    Fax: +43 7252 896 53
    Mobile Phone: +43 676 838 96 274
    Email: [email protected]
  15. alex

    alex Guest

    Thank you so much Heavymetalmachine. I didn't realize SAI is Steyr themselves. I called and talked to Jeff. What a great guy to talk to. He suggested a few things for me to try and if that doesn't help he offered to fix whatever problem I have.
  16. DDSheffield

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    Sent my M40 in and in 2 days it was on its way back sporting a new extractor, extractor pin and spring. Unfortantly for the thanksgiving holiday and ups not running on 2 days plus the weekend I didnt get it back for a week and a half. But the service was awesome cant wait to go to the range tomorrow.
  17. steyrcase

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    Excellent service from SAI. Sent my M40-A1 and 9mm conversion kit in after the conversion kit jammed up.
    (I think a bit of metal chipped off the 9mm extractor and jammed the barrel an slide together)
    Jeff replaced the extractors in both slides and the firing pin in the 9mm slide. He also test fired with 50 rounds of both calibers. Plus I got a Steyr Arms patch too.
    It's amazing to call up a service center and talk directly to the guy working on my item.
    I put 100 rounds and 9mm through it tonight, flawlessly. Thanks SAI!
  18. keroppl

    keroppl New Member

    When I called SAI yesterday I was immediately put through to Jeff who is sending me a new extractor assembly for my M40-A1 no questions asked and no cost to me. Really can't beat that. :party:
  19. clemsonsteyger

    clemsonsteyger New Member


    Ditto for me. Called yesterday regarding continuing extraction issues on my M9-A1. Jeff is sending me a new extractor assembly to see if that takes care of the problem.
  20. nuj

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    i beg to differ, SAI is not all what they say it is, broken extractor still no reply, i wonder why? :wall: