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    I saw a thread on TFL where Glock people beat up the Steyr because it has no firing pin safety, etc. Can someone explain the safety difference?
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    glocks and many other striker fired pistols have what's called a firing pin safety. this is the last device that keeps the firing pin from striking the primer.

    though designs vary, consider a pin that blocks the firing pin from moving forward.

    if everything fails and the striker suddenly attempts to strike the primer, this device will stop the striker's forward motion.

    this safety is defeated during a normal trigger pull. usually with a very annoying creepy feeling in the pull.

    steyr has elected not to include this on the m/s series pistols. they feel that the striker's amount of pre-load is insufficient to detonate a primer.

    steyr's decision to exclude this feature says to me that they are willing to stand by their design as adequately safe in a court of law in the most litigous society the world has ever seen. good enough for me.

    the two reports i've heard of catastrophic sear failure were both audible clicks without detonation.

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    48 many glocks have 'sear failure'?????


    ....even if they did, striker wouldn't touch the primer.....

    8) 8) 8)
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    well done BT, In the last 6 months alone, I've heard 4 glocks blew into pieces while shooting at my favorite range. I happen to know one of them. Luckily there were no injuries. Although this has nothing to do with the firing pin safety being dicussed in this thread, nevertheless, the g guns has one design weakness that compromises safety when shooting your own reloads maybe even factory ammo for that matter. For those of us who are familiar with the g's chamber design of the barrel not fully supported know what I'm talking about. I sometimes accidentally pick up brass fired from g's and they're a nuisance to resize because of the large bulge near the webb area of the brass .

    I dont intend to spark controversy here. Just my 02 cents.