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safety testing with primed casings

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In the interest of science or not....I don't care.....YOU CAN'T BORROW MY STEYR.....EVER. 8-O 8-O Thanks for the info. Some sacrifices must be made for truth.....Did the patient survive? CPR? :lol:
I had better remember this thread when in a week MrApathy tries to sell his "slightly used" 40... :wink:

Great info MrApathy.
Great post!!! I really must compliment you on those tests, Mr. Apathy. The primers were a good idea......The log jamb and frisbee tests took some guts. VERY enlightening!!!!
If you try more primers in the future, could you test CCI small rifle?
Umm, nice job....but all of a sudden I get the urge to hide my Steyr. :?

Either you got a good deal on that weapon, or you have major brass balls. You know that feeling when you watch someone get nailed in the balls. It didn't touch you at all, but you still squirm and feel sick. Well.. That was what I was experiencing the whole time I read your post. :p

Very good info though, thanks a bunch.
With the additional varieties of primer you recently tried, did any of the softer ones go off with 72% precock?
thanks for posting this

hmm... I pretty much been using WSP for all my 9mm reloads. maybe I should switch to CCI...

MrApathy how could you tell how far (%) you pre-cocked the firing pin?
1 - 13 of 13 Posts
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