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Safety Fill in

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I removed the manual safety and was looking to fill in the area. Has anyone tried it. And what was the process. I was thinking of epoxy.
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Brownell's Acraglass dyed black works perfectly. You will need to find some polymer similar in construction to the frame material to fill the voids. Let the Acraglass dry about 24 hours, then shape with a file and finish with 600 grit wet sandpaper. Be very carfull when you build up the inside of the void so you don't get into a situation where you can't re-assemble the pistol. Easy to do if you're not carefull. PM me if you want to discuss the process.
I can understand not liking or wanting to use the safety, but why not just pop it up out of the way and ignore it? It seem that one would be inviting trouble by removing the safety and filling in the hole, especially if it was over filled.

To each his own, it just doesn't make much sense to me.

Good luck.
You missed the forum topic "Mistery manual safety". In it I told of pulling my m9 from the holster and the safety somehow being engaged. In a gunfight that would be a bad thing. Wether I inadvertantly engaged it or slammed the mag in hard enough for enertia to set it..........??? But its another thing to go wrong and something I don't need......I may just take it out and super glue the thing and put it back in. It depends on how difficult filling in process is......

If you decide to do this and fill it in, please take pics of the procedure and we can post a tutorial for others that might want to do the same.

Ill definately post pictures............... :wink:
ou missed the forum topic "Mistery manual safety".
Yeh, I did.

I would say there is something bad wrong if the safeyt just pop on.
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