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Safariland duty gear for the M40

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Safariland arrived today.
new duty holster model 6280 (SLS level II)

Gun fits fine. Now once qual's are done I have on and off duty gear for the M40
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Excellent! Pics please! 8)
I only have a scanner
Will give it a try in a few days
safariland holster

Where are you getting the 6280's from? are you ordering direct? if so how long did it take to come in?

Since I have an FFL
I also have an account with a public safety supply house (wholesale)
I order through them

It took about 4 weeks.

Price is ........................SSSHHHHHH................... about $100.00 dealer.
I ordered 14 SLS holsters last fall

from our local Safariland dealer, at about $102 each. They have all held up fine for duty use, it's a good holster, not great, but good. I think ours came in about three weeks.

Any Dealer should be able to get you one, at around $120 or so.
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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