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    Hi all, wanted to share info about the conversion kit for Sa. I recently purchased an Sa40 and was able to order the 9mm conversion. (Approx $250.00) The kit includes only one magazine,the slide,barrel,guide rod and spring. Took it out to the range today for the first time. Cleaned everything before going out. Fired 130 Remington 9mm 124 grains without a hitch. Switched out slides and fired 80 Winchester 40 cal, white box, again with no problems.

    What a great way to own two Steyrs in one. Ordered through Steyr in Alabama. Talked with Jeff there and found him to be helpful and responsive. Had my conversion in under a week. I now have two more 9mm and one more 40 magazine on order.

    Anyone else with more experience using the conversion?
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    I just talked to Jeff and he said it's an aftermarket conversion. I'm trying to find where to buy this.
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    Hey dspy8083, did you get any update for where can get the conversion kit ? I am trying to find a 357 sig for my S40.