S9_A1 mag capacity... 10?!

Discussion in 'M, C, L and S Series' started by dwillia29, Dec 25, 2006.

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    I love -- LOVE -- my Steyrs and was so glad when the Clinton ban sunsetted.

    "Finally," I thought, "I can purchase regular capacity mags for my M's and my S-9.".

    Later on, I saw it mentioned here that the S9-A1, unlike the M-A1 series, wasn't going to grow a pair of new ones and instead maintain its nutured 10 round capacity. Now I'm seeing it for sale and, yep, 10 rounds it is.

    I'm *hoping* this is just due to a surfeit of 10 rounder's that they're trying to dispose of first? And afterward, the 12 or 13 round magazine will make its debut? :?

    This is probably just wishful thinking on my part...

    It's not that I don't think that 10+1 is more than enough to "do the job" (whatever that may be), it's just that there is obviously plenty of room to add the extra rounds -- so why not?

    "Better to have 'em and not need `em, than to need `em, and not have `em", etc.

    Is Steyr that out-of-touch with the U.S. market? Why stop there -- The world market? Are they manufacturing these guns on the moon or something? What other manufacturer (minus Bill Ruger) would do something like this? It's Marketing 101...

    I can't help but think this decision (if I'm right) will decimate their S-series sales stateside. Just as much as -- if not moreso -- the occassional FTEs you hear so much about.

    Any good x-mas news you're willing to share on this front?

    Thanks and have a wonderful X-mas! If true, we can all celebrate Steyr shooting themselves in the foot once again! :D

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    Hiya David :)

    And Merry X-Mas. :p Get S40 mags and tweak the lips on 'em for your 9MM, hack the spring a bit and you'll hava 12 +1 capacity. G-luck. :D