S9 and S40 10 rounders.. $15.

Discussion in 'M, C, L and S Series' started by Thunderbear, Aug 7, 2007.

  1. Wulf

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    Good onya, Thunder* :)

    All you S9 owners, its time for ya to get your hicap mags, cheap! Get ya some of them S40 mags, tweak the lips closed a bit and ya got yer new and improved S9 12-round hicappers! :p So, no need to settle for 10-round S9 mags anymore, IMHO. <shrug> I wish it were so easy to get hicap S40/357-A1 mags. :roll: Good post, Thunder*! :)

    Wulf <-- Gives Thunderbear a high-5 :p

  2. opto_isolator

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    Holy crap??

    How can they justify $15 for 2 more rounds???

    The 12 round mag is twice as much!!
  3. cyzonyx

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    Hey Wulf, how exactly did you tweak the lips.. I seriously cracked one, which made it unusable. The other I tried, cracked a tad, but still feeds fine, but will not lock the slide back when empty.
    Any info would be appreciated.
    Oh, and I used the very precise method of hammering the crap out of it when I couldn't budge it with pliers. :shock:
  4. Wulf

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    Hiya cy* :)

    That's how I do it too! :shock:

    J/K :) 1st disassemble the mag so you can put the mag body into a bench vice, being careful not to mar the finish when ya snug it up. I actually have some hard plastic jaw covers for that kind o' thing. I got 'em from Home Depot. But, before that, I used my vice and cut a couple pieces o' hardwood 1"X6"X1/2" thick for "jaw covers" and locked the mag snugly into the vise. If you are to this point in the "place mag body in vice and firmly secure it" part of this method, then proceed to orient the mag body with the lips secured about an inch or so above the vice so you can take a hard plastic mallet and ping the lips closer with lightish taps until you get the feel for how much each lip moves individually per lightish mallet tap. You will naturally progress to a more aggressive strike when ya have the experience and confidence to go at it with more aggression. This is the key to this method, "how hard to tap without damaging the mag lips and not to close them up too much". I mean, if you're tappin' too lightly, nothin's gonna happen, but if ya tap too hard, the lips could be damaged or closed up too much, in which case ya hafta open up again and that's another problem entirely". :shock: That's the part ya gotta learn to avoid. <shrug> And, go a little on one lip then a little on the other til the lips look like the factory OEM'ers 9MM mag lips and hold the 9MM cartridges securely. That's the one method. I hava nuther, but it requires that you hava vice that'll open up enuf to place the mag body into the vice end-to-end. Put the hardwood jaw covers on the vice and slowly close the vise using enuf force to tweak the mag lips together simultaneously, without over doin' it. I can do this pretty well now after a couple goes. If neither of these methods works for ya, then I would suggest takin' a big ol' hammer and smashin' the fuck outta it! :twisted: Again, J/K. :lol: Just remember, "a small increment of movement atta whack is our friend" and "practice makes perfect". Good luck. :)

    Wulf <--can still remember the results of his "big ol' hammer method" :shock:
  5. EMGoodyear

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    I'd just be happy if my S40 woulda came with two like it was SUPPOSED to.

  6. Thunderbear

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    Shit. You got my hopes up. I need some S9 mags for a class.
  7. dlaroe

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    I used a pair of "fairmont" tongs to bend my S40 mags to hold 9mm. They are a pair of flat and smooth pliers with 4" wide by 2" deep jaws and 6-8" of handle. It still took alot of elbow grease but it wasn't hit or miss (pun intended).

    Check your local HVAC supplier (RE Micheals, Airco, Ferguson HVAC, Lyon Conklin&Co.) if the home improvement stores don't have them.

    I was working at Lyon Conklin at the time so I just borrowed a pair for a weekend.