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hi been hearing a lot of negitive post on other forums about steyr handguns. i love my s40 and m9 ,should i worry about carrying them. each have a few hundred rounds. how many more rounds do you think i could put in them before i have problems with them. thanks for any info.
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yeah well, try getting good reviews of toyotas at a ford site.

i would keep cycling rounds through until you had problems. people rarely go on the internet to tell everyone how wonderful their experience was.

it's been said that you tell 200 people about a bad experience and less than ten about a good experience. I never call my buddy to brag about great service.

if anything happens, have no fear. the people here have been fixin their own for quite a while. rarely will you need parts, it's usually just a tweak this or polish that kind of deal.

lots of us have thousands of rounds through our steyrs.

we must not be as bored as people on other websites. steyr shooters don't generally talk smack on other makes and models. stick with this site for the real deal on steyrs.

and stay away from the ford forums when you're shopping for a tacoma and vice versa.
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well put... and true we dont bash on other firearms, all makes of firearms have thier ins and outs. benifits and downfalls as it were. you will notice a majority of people who talk smack about a steyr have never even held, let alone shot one. but as stated above if you want secure honest info , this is the place to be, we dont sugarcoat any issues with these things, if there is a way to fix a problem im sure you will find it here.

i laugh cause it reminds me of the old ford is better than chevy crap we all dealt with in our younger years.. LOL "you`ll shoot your eye out!"
Why would anyone worry about carrying a pistol with one of the most advance and well thought designs in the firearms market for their personal protection?

I have complete faith in my Steyr M-40 and anyone who properly maintanes their pistols and takes care in ammunition selection should grow to have complete faith in their Steyr M, S, or A1 series pistol.

Follow the "Extractor Removal," and the "Maintenance for M and S series pistols" instructions located within the "Tutorials and information" and your pistol should function as well or superior to any semi-automatic DAO pistol on the market today. The only complaint you may have is an initial erratic extraction of one out of every 50-100 rounds you fire until you've put the first 500 rounds down range. Take care in your ammunition selection as the tight tolerance on the Steyr does not handle poor quality ammunition. The Steyr pistol is no AK47, its more akin to an AR in that sure it needs more cleaning and you can't feed junk into it, but it is a superior firearm.

Parts and services are now slowly coming into play for the Steyr pistols once again. If you do have difficulty with the Steyr chances are its a cleaning or ammunition problem that other members on this website have experienced.
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read the range report threads here.

read the "should I get one?" posts (we average 2 a week or so).

read the various articles and reviews we have linked and reposted from the various gun rags and gun writers.

Steyr is to Glock as Kimber is to GI 1911, or AR15 is to AK47, etc.

While torturability is not a steyr trait it is no racegun or "precision tuned 1911" either, and I have personaly shot a M9 w/ 100k rounds and it was still tight. It does require some care and maintenance, but no more than most duty type weapons (they were designed by a cop to be a cops gun after all).

It hates wolf and brown bear ammo, UMC is about 50/50 in different peoples guns.
Any remaining original M or S series has probably been on a shelf for 2+ years and will require a thorough cleaning as the factory lubs will have turned to sludge. They are pretty susceptible to limpwristing causing FTE's. Also if buying a used M pre serial number 10,000 there were some free upgrades to trigger and extractor but some w/ the old ones might still be around.

On the plus, they are absolutely the most ergonomical and shootable pistol I've found IMHO. This comes from the unuique grip shape (which will probably require some grip tape or similar since the originals were a bit too smooth, but the new A1's have textured grips), low bore axis, and radical grip angle, trigger is superb for DAO. Accuracy is truly impresssive and the reduced muzzle flip and triangle sights allow very quick follow-ups.

Steyr-Mmannlicher has been in the weapons business since 1864, and they produce the worlds third most used assault rifle (the AUG), as well as the rifles used by the Secret Service snipers on top of the White House, and the original Scout (concept by Col. Jeff Cooper and design/production by Steyr).
There have been gaps in parts/service/importing as they have had a series of US companies fullfilling these roles (don't know where the blame should be as I've never heard both sides from these various companies), but are now almost up and running w/ their new corporate owned US center.

You will make up your own mind, but I also suggest doing some serious searches on places like The High Road and . All of these boards dedicated to one manufacturer or the other each have their own prejudices (including here :wink: ).

But do please try to hold one and if possible fire one, those are the real selling points 8)
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