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S40 vs. Glock 23

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Is the S40 that much smaller than a G23...or does it just look that way in photos?
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Hello S-Vierzig,

I had a G-23 a few years ago and I did not care for that pistol at all. It was my only shooting experience with th .40 S&W round at that time and it somewhat put me "off " that round. I found the 23 somewhat inaccurate and the ergonomics and recoil of it especially not condusive to quick follow up shots. And, just plain no fun to shoot.

I now have an S40 and think it is great. Felt recoil is pretty close to my M9. It is a bit "snappier" than my M9 but I would expect that anyway from a .40 round compared to the 9mm. I find it to be very accurate and I can usually place more accurate rapid fire follow-ups with the S40 than the M9. This is probably an eyesight issue specific to me since I find I can aquire the sights quicker with the S40 than with the M9 due to the slightly shorter sight radius. (Older eyes )

I've put about 750 rounds through it so far with no reliability issues at all and use it as a primary carry weapon and would not hesitate to reccomend it as a CCW.

Hope this helps you out....................................ns
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1 - 1 of 8 Posts
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