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S40 misfire

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Thanks to all who replied. Sorry for the little info about the misfire. I'm not a newcomer to the world of semiautos. I'm qualified as an expert in the US Coast Guard with the Berreta P85 and the M-16A2. I must admit though I'm not too familiar with the Steyr. Anyway I've done my fair time of shooting but not with any other gun but the P85 and some rifles. Basically to elaborate on what is happening I load a full mag in, the first round chambers with no problem in fact its chambering all the time with no problems. The recoil is smooth and the slide is returning. Its not to about the 3rd or 4th round out that is starts misfiring. So I check the mag, clear the gun of the bullet and find that the dimple on the primer is not centered. Its not rim firing though. Just not centered. After I clear the bullet it chambers one perfect and continue firing. The brass is clearing away and there are no brass shavings in the gun when I clean it. I'm using Winchester 180gr. .40 caliber ammo. I hope all that helps. I'm leanig more towards the "limp wristing" its something that I never heard of with the P85 since its a heavier weapon. But any suggestions I will gladly try out.
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Here is an idea...try stripping part of the slide (Not extractor area) but cleaning out the firing pin channel/spring area at the rear of the slide. In the maintenance section, we have a tutorial that explains how to do this.
Sometimes, cosmoline-like grease similar to what is used in Glock pistols has been left in this area and causes it to misfire...
Clean it out real good with solvent and blow it out with compressed air in a can found at Office supply stores.

CGuns :)
Limpwristing is certainly a possibility. Nothing to be ashamed of :?

The uncentered, light primer strike is probably due to the slide not returning fully to battery after your shot. I had this happen twice, but I'm nearly positive mine was due to easing the slide forward on a new magazine, and not letting it slam home.

If this happens again, check the slide before ejecting the mag & clearing the round; see if it is all the way forward. It may be just a millimeter out of battery, but that's enough to cause the misfire & off-center strike. If it's not fully forward, see if you can determine why; after clearing the gun, rack the slide slowly by hand, feeling for any points of resistance that would slow it down when travelling forward after a shot.

Be certain there are no obstructions to the slide motion.

Remove the slide, and give a everything a real good cleaning, too. Concentrate hard on the slide rails, both on the frame and the slide itself. Make certain there is no grit or brass flakes in there. Might want to inspect the guide rod & recoil spring to be sure it is clean and free-moving.

After a thorough cleaning, give everything a good lube job. Make sure the rails are oiled well (well doesn't mean heavily oiled, as I'm sure you know - just completely and lightly coated). Cycle the slide by hand several times to see how it feels.

Often there are quirks in new guns that can be figured out. I had a "click" in the trigger of my S9 - annoyed the hell out of me. I took the gun apart, found the source of the hangup, and was able to fix it fairly easily.

See if you can find what's binding. And if there's nothing, maybe it is, in fact, your grip and/or limpwristing causing your issues.
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