S40 is down!! Major failure in the mechanism.

Discussion in 'M, C, L and S Series' started by DAIadvisor, Sep 30, 2007.

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    Ok, took my S and M today to the range, fired about 200 rounds each. All of a sudden S40 failed to fire - you hear a quiet click, but no BANG. Tried to take it apart, but the firing pin would not drop. Brought it home, took it apart. Found part # 32 (drop safety) to be broken in half.

    Question: can I just request the broken part and have them ship it to me? Can I order a few more parts while I am at it - would like the new firing pin, sear and recoil spring. Thanks for any info. :)

    BTW, I guess this is what you get after a lot or rounds down range - this S has been shot alot before I got it, so just heads up.
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    Ouch - sorry to hear your luck!! Unfortunately, from what I've read on here, you can't order parts - you'll have to send the whole thing back to Steyr to be fixed (yeah, I know, it sucks).

    Others can confirm?

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    Hiya DAI* ...

    Sorry ta hear it. :( Call Jeff ASAP in the a.m. and get his recommendation. He may want ya ta send it to him just ta see what the fuck happened! :shock: I haven't heard nothin' like that happenin' b4. :shock: Here's SAI's contact info:

    Steyr Service Center:

    Steyr Arms, INC.
    5977 Steeplechase Blvd.
    Cumming, Ga. 30040
    Phone number 770-888-4201

    Let us know what he suggests and also what parts SAI has for sale. Good luck, Bro.

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    There were a few early reports of drop safeties breaking. This was way back in the beginning of the board.

    Your going to have to send it back. It's one of those liability things. They are going to want to replace the part and probably a few springs.

    Let SAI handle it. Who knows it may only cost you the shipping to have it almost rebuilt.
  5. DAIadvisor

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    Thanks, guys, I'll give them a call tomorrow, and take it from there. Will keep everyone posted.