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I am trying to locate a couple of spare magazines for my s40. I was wondering if anyone might know a good place to look and whether or not the clips for the m40 will work in the s40?

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you can always use the base plates off of m series standard caps. they slide right on.

but what do you do with the extended plates and a standard cap mag?

they work for the range!!

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*rant on*
You only need one S mag. Think about it; the only advantage to a S over an M is the shorter handle conceals better (some may like the balance of a shorter barell better, but that is a personal preference). How many mags are you gonna have in the gun when your carrying?? I know I can usually only fit one in; and when I shoehorn in two it doesn't conceal very well anyway :lol: .

Do you carry a spare mag when you carry? If you ever are in such deep doodoo as to need another 10 rounds wouldn't you rather have two or four more on top of those?

So why not be able to load 12 or 14 depending on caliber for range practice? Because it sticks out of the bottom by 0.5 inch?
Heck if you have fat sausage-like fingers like me it is more comfy to have someplace to put your pinky.
Besides at least they are still in production and availible.

*rant off*

not trying to be rude to you olshovel as I know you are new and had a legitimate question, which is why we are here. Just seems I've typed this speach a few times.

I wonder if i should add this speil to the FAQ?

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thanks for all the information guys! I just got one magazine with mine when I bought it and would like to have a couple extra. I do however understand the difficulty in getting two in the weapon at the same time! :)
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