S40-A1 / S357-A1

Discussion in 'Steyrs for Sale' started by MrFletch, Apr 25, 2018.

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    I have a line on one (right one) of my dream handguns but to make it happen, sacrifices need to be made.

    With that said I'm considering selling off among other things (not Steyr) my S40-A1 with RCM .357 Sig barrel.

    The S-40 barrel has 0 rounds through it, and the .357 Sig RCM barrel under 200.

    It has Talon grips on it.

    Includes a new Vedder LightTuck w Claw.

    Other odds n ends I have that I have not installed yet are:
    RPP - S-Frame Brass Weight for reduced Muzzle Flip
    RPP - Reduced Power Mag release Spring
    BigTaco - Glide Rite Striker Bushing.
    Steyr - Extra Extractor, Pin and Spring

    It was going to be my CCW but not needed if I can score that Unicorn before its too late.

    I'm in IL but can ship to FFL

    PM if interested.
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    Sold the S40. I will be putting up some odds and ends in another thread if interested.