S40-A1 holster ordered!

Discussion in 'Holsters' started by Roger Woodbury, Oct 12, 2017.

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    I have just ordered a leather holster for my new S40-A1. So far the ordering process has been interesting. The holster was difficult to find. What I want is a retention holster with thumb break that will sit firmly at my hip in the 3-4 o'clock position. This is most comfortable for me.

    I did find one such holster made by Falco and the price ended up being the best part of a $100 which is simply too much for my intended use: I do not need to carry daily. So I continued my search.

    For my Stoeger Cougar (also a difficult weapon to holster!), I bought a Barsony holster which is really excellent value for my purposes. However my Barsony is a clip holster and the size and weight of the Stoeger is a bit much for the design. One reason for the Steyr is that it is considerably smaller in heft and thickness than the Cougar.

    I found a new producer on Amazon. The holsters are a thick leather and appear to be at least partially thermoformed. Best of all, at less than $35 plus a bit for shipping the price was very right. There was no listing for a holster that I wanted, but one was listed without thumbbreak and I wrote to ask if there were others. I was surprised to receive an answer from Germany within eight hours! The bad news was the answer, in English, clearly showed the writer did not speak English fluently. My college German is VERY, very much in the past, so it was clear that communication would require further effort on at least my part.

    So I sent my next email request in German, first translating my English message using Google Translate. Bingo! Quickly I received the suggested correct holster along with a request for more information about my exact need! So for less than $40 my order is placed and I'll have a full report on what I receive, with photos in about three weeks.
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    Can't wait for the report :)

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    I will be getting a S9-A1 shortly and ordered a Garrett industries kydex holster with leather lining. It is suppose to be easer on the finish and holstering and re-holstering is quieter; if you care about it. They get $85.00 for the model I ordered. Also different mounts are available.
    I imagine it is going to be overall thicker than regular kydex ; and the gun is chubby to begin with. We will see.