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S&W M&P Compact w/Pics

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GLK19 posted some pics on glocktalk
S&W M&P Compact 9mm **PICS**
Hey fellas , here it is, the new Smith and Wesson M&P Compact 9mm pistol.

Some specs :

1. 3.75" Barrel
2. Magazine capacity of 12 rounds 9mm
3. Magazine safety optional
4. No internal lock
5. Can use standard length M&P 9mm magazines
6. Like the standard model it comes with 3 different grip inserts . L/M/S
7. Fully ambidextrous
8. Loaded chamber indicator
9. Come with small light rail ( for M2 sized light )

definately not a easy road into the competitive arms market
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wow. that looks an awful lot like the s-a1. especially the trigger guard.

been said before but... why a rail on a concealed size piece? the accessory would be nearly as big as the gun.

steyr better hurry up and get those s series rolling.
hat looks an awful lot like the s-a1
polymer pistols they all look the same :p

I like it. too bad it's illegal in here Kanada at least I can have a full size model...
A compact with an 3.75" Barrel ? Yeah, whatever. I think ppl are forgetting this is the 21st Century.
I haven't shot the compact model, but a friend has the full size and it's a pleasure to shoot. I like the trigger on it and also the light recoil.
Give me the SA1 anyday of the week over that.

I like the rails on subcompacts, sure you wont attach anything to them when you CCW, but if someone wanted to just buy one weapon that would double for CCW and Night Stand home-defense it would be nice to have something you could attach a light to.
I hear good things about the M&P series, they would be strong contenders vs. Steyr for my $$ if I was buying again. I'd love to buy an American gun that was similar to Steyr.

Those compact models whether Glock, Steyr S series, or the M&P, don't do anything for me. Too big for pocket carry, and too small for an IWB belt gun for me.

I tried out the M&P compact and it was just too damn tiny for my hand...I felt like I was holding on to a pocket pistol.
Gun Test Magazine just slammed the compact for failure to shoot the last round in a mag, slide would lock back...... :shock: I think that is a little unfair.
There doesn't seem to be FTE, FTF's.....anyway the mag gave the gun a D rating........... :?
From what I've read, Gun Test magazine is a bunch of idiots. I saw one review where they rated .22 target/plinker pistols and turned thumbs down completely on Ruger Mark III, S&W 22A and Browning Buck Mark pistols. They gave a "D" to a S&W Model 41, which is MSRP about $1,500.

I'd hate to see the .22 pistol they'd rate a "good buy." It would probably be a $3,000 custom job or higher.

Reminds me of my daddy's saying about opinions being like buttholes. Everybody's got one but hardly anybody thinks theirs stinks. Those folks at Gun Review stink like a dead skunk in the middle of the road. :mrgreen:
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