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S&W 22A

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sounds like a decent price. tough to beat for a plinker. thought about going that route but got a good airsoft gun that i can let loose in the house.

i like that smithy model 41. $$$$$ out of my reach.

it seems after the rousing success of the walther p22 that more companies would be working three shifts to get their own .22 plinker out.

what would be great would be an m size 22 with a huge capacity mag. like 25 rounds.

hmmm, i wonder if igb could build a barrel that was the same od as a .40, had an off center 22 caliber bore so that a special striker could hit the rim of the case? oh boy. arm chair engineering again.
Gotta picture of that one.....
Forget the picture. Just went online. I have the 22A too with the big wood grip and it is a shooter. My first one had to be sent to the gunsmith who told me the barrel was "pot metal" not very good quality and I wound up sending it back to Smith for barrel refinishing. The original "paint" came off with solvent. I put a red dot scope on it. It is a fun shooter, very accurate, but I hate those plastic parts 8-O
I bought mine when S&W was not doing so well. I think they were outsourcing parts. But I love shooting it.........hefty barrel, decent trigger, and very accurate. Yep, not much recoil in this pistol. You'll enjoy plinking with it. A small diameter red dot tube looks really good on top of it too.......
WARNING: there is a very small plastic part on a get the picture.......that sucker flew half a mile one day and of course I couldn't find it for an hour......decided to call Smith and get a few extras :!: :lol:
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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